2 Newspapers, 22 Paintings, 4 Weeks Later: My First Solo Gallery Show

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Hello Steemians!
It's ya girl, Absolute AMA!

I wanted to show you snippets of my first gallery show experience, back in October!

To note: I made 22 paintings in total but I'm only showing a few of my favorite ones in this post! Otherwise this would be a bit too heavy than it already is! 😂

Some of my favorite pieces created:

Morning Tea Brings Life To Me

This one's a special one. It encompasses my love for tea! What coffee does to others is what tea does for me!!


This was one of my first paintings where I was experimenting with backgrounds and interacting figures. Another fav of mine.

Taunting Danger

A simple concept but the positioning of the character as well as trying to make a realistic looking chair was a struggle. I think the wolf's shadow could use a bit more of work but given that I painted all this in one month, I gotta give myself a lil bit of credit.

Awkward Situations

A cyberpunk-esque painting influenced by Tatsuyuki Tanaka. I want to get more practice in with machines because I love the rusted look!

Dystopic Minds

Working on angles with this piece. I wanted the focus to be more on the helmet than anything else, hence the bust portrait. I loved her sly eyes and was proud of such an awkward angle.

Finding Magic In Everything

This was the second painting created that led me on a journey of studying metal pieces from cyberpunk artists. She's currently hanging up above my work desk. Still love her so much!

Hopping into the gallery showing itself:


I managed to make it into two of my local newspapers which was shocking! I thought my works wouldn't be accepted since they aren't fine art and my town seems to only run off of that but I suppose that worked in my favor??? I never expected to have a phone interview or anything like that for my first showing!



This experience was really big to me. I had spent a whole month trying to produce 22 paintings for my first show and the struggles were unbearable. I went through tons of moments of imposter syndrome, burnouts, and pure hatred towards my creations. I almost quit and called it all off because I felt like my works were the stupidest things ever created! Especially for a town that values fine art only.

It wasn't till a month later when I looked back and actually appreciated my creativity during such a deadline. I'm still surprising myself today!

****Also to note, I sold two original paintings!***


And here's me at the end of the night of my first showing! And exhausted but proud Ama.

I hope you enjoyed this long-winded snippet of my first gallery showing! Thanks for stopping by!


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