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This is a recent presentation on my back story and the mission behind my 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Kelsey Cares. I give an in-depth background on what it takes to build an arts District and projects we provide to support the arts. Please check out the video and consider contributing or spreading the word on our efforts. All upvotes from this post will also be counted towards the project.

(In full disclosure, I will be using upvote bots to increase donations)

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Introducing Kelsey Cares. After multiple community projects to revitalize the Town of Lake Park through the arts, specifically our renowned mural projects, we are now furthering our efforts through receiving our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Founded in 1919, the original Kelsey City (now Lake Park) was a cultural hub and we are continuing Harry Kelsey's vision by cultivating The Lake Park Arts District. Kelsey Cares is Funding art, theater, music, film, and cultural development through community outreach by providing subsidies for productions, events, artists and musicians to carry out their mission.

If you are in the area, please join us for "The 4yr Anniversary Block Party" scheduled for May 12, 2018. This will serve as our official wrap party and unveiling of the finished mural. Food trucks, vendors, craft beer, live music, art demonstrations, and much more will be going down as we put the finishing touches on this masterpiece the day of.

Thank you for reading and please consider upvoting this post, following me, and leaving a comment. If you're looking to go the extra mile in helping me on my journey, also please consider a re–steem so I am able to reach your audience. The steemit community means the world to me and I look forward to posting daily content with all of you.

As my account grows, it is becoming more difficult to reply to every comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I will do my best to respond. I can guarantee I at least read every comment given. I am dedicated to spending a full-time effort on this platform. Any reproduction of my work without written consent is strictly prohibited. Please remember the best way to grow our community is by producing outstanding original content of your own to share with all of us.


It seems very hard and tough to make this type of hard and worthy work. Although video is very long but interesting as well.

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Creativity, well done
Interesting point of view .. Nice experience, good for you
Great post..

The most important thing is his psyche..

This is a noble endeavor to help the needy. kudos!

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Very good projects. I wish you all the best.

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