Leaving Our Mark In Lake Park : A Mural Project 4 (update)

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The computer-generated mockup pictured above will spring to life this weekend! Thanks to the generosity of all of our supporters as well as all of the upvotes here on steemit we are at approximately 50% of our overall goal. We will have our official unveiling party May 12, 2018 and will be collecting donations up until then. All money raised goes directly to Kelsey Cares : Funding art, theater, music, film, and cultural development through community outreach by providing subsidies for productions, events, artists and musicians to carry out their mission. Below is an article explaining a little more about our project and vision.

(In full disclosure, I will be using upvote bots to increase donations)

Donate Here : https://igg.me/at/FGQzLHUc6O8/x/935803

Donate BTC Here : 3Fc8xrMcMPx5FVwacr6uzkqE4vSiqaBfs7

Back in the 80’s this town was home to a myriad of small businesses, including restaurants, retail shops, an art store (that remains after 30 years) and even a magic store. The community holds fond memories, but unfortunately went through a rapid decline, forcing many businesses to close shop or move as my father did.

In 1996, the city of Lake Park enacted the Lake Park CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) in order to spearhead a revitalization project to “reverse the Town's declining fortunes, and restore a sense of place and community through revitalization of the physical and economic environment in the designated areas.” To see it today, compared to so many years ago, it’s impressive at how far they’ve come.

But despite their initial progress, real change took shape when AJ Brockman and Jo Brockman opened the Brewhouse Gallery. “In 2014 we opened Brewhouse,” explains AJ Brockman. “We were busy from day one. We’re an art gallery but we’re also a craft beer bar. Everyone thinks ‘brew’ stands for beer, but really it’s about brewing creativity.” This is the type of thinking that gave birth to the Lake Park Art District.

In 2016, the Brockmans took over the 700 city block of Park Avenue, giving rise to the newly renovated Kelsey Theater. It took a lot of work, but with tremendous support from the community and the CRA, they collected $50,000 in donations and were able to transform the Kelsey into a major music venue hosting hundreds of shows including The Dead Kennedys, Henry Rollins, Sister Hazel, Afroman, The Devil Wears Prada, Michael Winslow, DOPE, Local H and many more along with tons of local musicians and performing artists. The plaza continues to attract many new retailers, restaurants and other businesses, all centered around bringing the community together through art.

In 2017, the Brockman family launched Kelsey Cares, a 501(3)(c) dedicated to funding cultural development through community outreach. “Our mission is to help underwrite artists in all aspects, whether performing artists, visual artists or artists with disabilities,” said AJ. “We’ve done a lot to underwrite programs for them so they can get involved without any financial barriers.” A large part of the Kelsey Cares donations have gone towards the Back Alley Mural project that spans 900 feet of wall space, one of the largest murals in South Florida. As a yearly project, they are planning to keep the space “fresh” and create new murals for everyone to enjoy. Funding for the project is underway and the unveiling is scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 2018 during The 4yr Anniversary Block Party.

To learn more on how to become a part of the project, visit KelseyCares.org. And don’t forget to check out all of the upcoming events at the Brewhouse and The Kelsey Theater. There’s something for everyone!

Thank you for reading and please consider upvoting this post, following me, and leaving a comment. If you're looking to go the extra mile in helping me on my journey, also please consider a re–steem so I am able to reach your audience. The steemit community means the world to me and I look forward to posting daily content with all of you.

As my account grows, it is becoming more difficult to reply to every comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I will do my best to respond. I can guarantee I at least read every comment given. I am dedicated to spending a full-time effort on this platform. Any reproduction of my work without written consent is strictly prohibited. Please remember the best way to grow our community is by producing outstanding original content of your own to share with all of us.

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Wish you great success in this project.
I am new to Steemit, but I am glad I met great people who want to grow the community and help the minnows. Steemit is the best.

Just wanted to share my kind of artwork just using a leaves that I can only pick up somewhere. I hope you like and support my artwork posts.


Upvoted! Please consider this a donation from me, you got a nice talent my friend! Cheers!

He indeed has got an amazing talent!

Totally agree with you.
please check out my post here (https://steemit.com/poem/@haslek/how-dare-you) and upvote. Thanks

“I laugh at the way some people think graffiti is all selfish tagging and vandalism. Thoughtful street art is like good fiction – it speaks out on behalf of everyone, for us all to see.”
― Carla H. Krueger

I'm sure if you get the word out you can get some local graffiti artists to do all that for free.
Just leave the wall blank and make sure street lights are kept low for a while.

absolutly right

yes i agree with u dear

Good luck! Have fun!

absolutly right

It is going to look great. Really hope everything goes as planned:)

@prydefoltz yes Really hope everything

What a great effort to revitalize the community. The mural looks awesome. Would like to see some posts about the Brewhouse too.

Whoah...this is great.
Wish you unimaginable success!
The kind of success which surpasses your expection!

Excellent project, good luck in your business!

Excellent project, i hope you will be success...

There are really some brilliant colors in this art production. I like it! Thanks for sharing it.

This is really great man, rebuilding old memories

Nice art...

Someday in my country, the murals will have the support they deserve.


this is really beautiful...i wish all the best sir

Nice art!

Greaaat !!! I love It

yes, love also it...

wow thats a great post. i am a new membar of steemit.

This idea is really impressive! Keep it up and good luck! 😊

bueno excelente

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may god bless you buddy

Hi @abrockman I upvoted your post! Please consider this as a donation from me, keep it on high!

Have fun bro! Hope we could have something like this also in our place. :)

Great photo ("-")

great work homie... ♥

good vision and mission, I hope your project is always a boss

This is good using your talent along with helping the community

very fine post images. and earning

excellent initiative. wish your success. hope everything will be as you want .. thanks

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i will resteem this one agreat project and mission to help others thru steem and crytocurrency easy communicating to the that have helping hands.thanl you and GOD Bless

very good your article called my attention

I hope to see art all over buildings like the picture you are sharing. I hope all the goals are met as well. Such beautiful art!

Beautiful. 100% upvote as my small donation.
I'm always for murals and work of arts in the cities instead of ugly, commercialized billboards, hoardings and wall paintings of money-mongering corporate companies.

Greetings, have all the success with your project

Woooww amazing ("-")

excellent, congratulations, here in Colombia, in most of the main cities, artistic murals are forbidden, keep going

Espero tengas exitos en el proyecto.

nice project my friend

really excellent this post .

I am very inspired with your [email protected]

What a fantastic Idea @abrockman!

That's so nice

A journey of life with challenges since the year of the year but has a meaningful hope, I am very touching heart after reading the post, I see there are still many people who still care about each other, I am very sure the noble ideals you have done very meaningful for the people defects that have exceptional skill.
I am very happy and very happy to be a part of people who can help others to change the world.

hopefully the goal can be completed quickly and there is no obstacle for a change.
I can only pray that all friends patiently endure trials and continue to work.

there is a story of a disabled child in my residence

he has tremendous authenticity but the government does not support him with the conviction that he is a great man now.

Thanks @abrockman hopefully your noble aspiration will be achieved

That's great project...
Best of luck....

@abrockman amazing street art! I like it

Congratulations @abrockman!
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a very good idea, I really support what you make now, because I think it is a job for humanity. please permit from you for me share your writing this, at least a little followers I know what good plan you will do, hopefully the show runs smoothly, you and your community may always be successful.

This looks so fun, want to do something like that. Good vibes, your work looks great!

very good your article continues like this

Good luck

super epic! master planning

many blessings and successes

wow... you are so creative..good luck to your business

Que hermoso !!

I love street art, cities are sad and dismal sometimes. It looks better now :)

wow! this is great!

My Sweet #jerry Banfield , Can you tell about your secret ? I want to like you .:)

Excelente post amigo...

Ufffff Oh Dios mio! Excelente trabajo de creatividad! @Abrockman mis respetos por su talento...mi voto para apoyarte!

Wow, at least the top 10 accounts voting for this posts are paid votes. How does it feel to tap yourself on the back telling yourself you did a good job? This is getting pathetic to have a trending page like this with only paid promotion.

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Wow amazing

Absolutely amazing...

Wow these is pretty cool
I love it....

Totally agree with this post...Help and support each other and the world as a whole--a better place...
creative job @abrockman, thank you for sharing.

On the best for ur articles i am new so follow mw

Support yourself, that's great

This post has received a 39.42 % upvote from @boomerang.

This is such a awesome creation,more realastic.I'll love to see more of these from you😍

Wow this is really Nice! Like to see more work of you.

The wall looks cool so far. Good luck ! Post more pictures please.

Excelente iniciativa, sin duda dan otra vista a las ciudades.

Congratulations friend! That looks pretty good. Keep it up. I invite you to read my publications and leave your comment or vote.
Success is on your side. Happy Thursday!💖💛🇻🇪💃🏻

Great idea! This is a good initiative not just to express art but to discover talents as well as diverting negativities. KEEP IT UP!


Its cool!

follow me and i will follow you!


wow! good!

Great good luck

Amazing job men you have a gift,i'm sure everything will go well luck

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

I love this project. Have talked with local artists about doing something similar, not mvement yet but the idea is out there.

Nice one sir.
please check out my post here (https://steemit.com/poem/@haslek/how-dare-you) and upvote. Thanks

Mehn this is really impressive
You gat it in you

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Nice art, the mural is so astounding. Great Job :) Good luck on your mission.

i am newbies :). i am myanmar. i am learning now.

I agree, good


Excellent project
hope everything goes as planned