Dog Beach | Digital Painting Tutorial by AJ Brockman

in art •  10 months ago

Today I am excited to share my very first DTube video! This is a step by step video tutorial of my digital painting process. I use both Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop as well as a standard trackpad found on your generic laptop... NOT a Wacom tablet. I hope this video helps demonstrate my process. Please understand this is a time lapse and the video footage has been sped up substantially in order to get through the entire painting. These digital paintings take upwards of 60 hours minimum. Please let me know in the comments below if this is something you enjoy and I will consider making many more. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with anyone that is willing to listen.

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As my account grows, it is becoming more difficult to reply to every comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I will do my best to respond. I can guarantee I at least read every comment given. I am dedicated to spending a full-time effort on this platform. Everything posted on my profile (@abrockman) is 100% original content and exclusively shared on steemit. Any reproduction of my work without written consent is strictly prohibited. Please remember the best way to grow our community is by producing outstanding original content of your own to share with all of us.

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Great art video, and I am amazed how well you did it, even it was your first dTube video. I love the process and you used the shadows very skillfully. Awesome!


Thank you very much, yes, I hope to be able to produce more!

Awesome 😍

Wow no words to say just amazing 😍


Really lovely video. Couldnt span to the end cos of limited data. But its been bookmarked and must definitely be completed.

Man that is a lot of work involved right there! It's easy for us to just see the output without actually knowing the real process behind it. This just makes me appreciate the final output more! Awesome!


Thank you brother, yes, it is very labor intensive. This is my work from over six years of creating every single day. I have a backlog and will continue to do my daily posts sharing my work. The other amazing part about this platform is that artists are able to be rewarded for the creative process. That is very rare. It will ultimately allow us to create higher-quality work and share with the world!

Awesome video man, just watched all 14+ minutes and it was well worth it. Really cool to see your process, and now that I saw it in more detail, was really impressed with the shadows you created and how you brought the couple to life with the impressionist brush. Well done bro!


Thank you for sharing your valuable time, really glad you were able to watch it the whole way through. Always appreciate your detailed comments and support :)

Great video, brother @abrockman! Awesome to see behind the curtain of your process :) Hopefully the first of many DTube videos!


Yes sir, I am happy to share my process. Not very many people are familiar with digital painting and this is a great way to show what is involved. It is very time-consuming as you know to create video content but I look forward to trying to produce more. Really appreciate your support!


Absolutely! I’m a big fan now :)

This is awesome..I love it! Your artwork is great. I feel like I should try the digital painting after mastering the traditional one


Yes, it really helps if you have a traditional background. Good fundamentals are always key! Thank you for your comment.

Nice pic . I liked it.

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Very informative:)


Thank you very much!

beautiful paintig that i see
perfect :)

upvote and follow @rikineng

Whoooa, prettynice. I love the video. Great job. @abrockman


Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Good friend..

good initiative... and its okay as you can't replay all the comments. Thanks


Thank you for your comment, I am trying to respond to everyone :) I have given you a follow.

I love reading and following your post,i must say is a wonderful post!I will always comment and vote for you even due my voting power is low, please manage it from me @abrockman


Thank you, really appreciate that.

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Quite an interesting video. Well i hope that soon i will make mine and post.


Yes, I hope so, please share with me when you do.

Bro wish you the bst on your first dtube have been trying dtube but things are not easy


Yes, I hear you! Definitely a little choppy and buggy but almost there. Going to continue to try and make it work.


Ya we are goong to be very big in this thing

Good i love this

This is awesome..

amazing and good....

you are art work is very beautiful hai han.

Excellent, real creative work.
Stage by stage right form selecting artist brushes to popshop is very clear guidelines to painting learning artists. I look forward for your next tutorial also.
Shadows selection is apt.
Video ran very smooth. Some times I experienced breaks in DTube. I liked the content and tutorial.
Thank you. I am on your web site for more good works


Thank you so much, I am happy you were able to follow along and learned something. I will do my best to create more tutorials in the future. Appreciate your support!

Excellent Post.
Thanks For shear it.

Happy Steeming.


Thank you for your feedback!

what good the colorful video @edwuinalfonzo19

Excellent post I congratulate you, you have my vote


Thank you very much, really appreciate your support.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your readers, thanks again.


I am happy to share my knowledge and process. Thank you for watching and your support.

I applaud your efforts.
good post!


Thank you very much, I appreciate your support.

Your work is very greaaat! keep working. <3


Thank you very much, appreciate the support!

great work! i was kind of wondering about why it may be called the "DOG BEACH".????


My reasoning was the two dogs in the picture. Typically here in the states not all beaches are Dog-friendly. I was insinuating that you are most happy on the beach you can share with your dogs… Hence, dog beach.


yes sir,i get it now! thnx for taking out the time to reply. Have a great night!

Amazing art bro !! Lovely !! 🔝✅🆒️🆒️


Thank you very much!

Doggy photo?

Wow.. Thanks man.
It all seems you knew I needed this tutorial more than anyone else here.
Thanks much once more.
I enjoyed it and am definitely putting it into practice no matter the years it can take me to achieve it.... With you here, I will for sure.

Pretty impressive art.. Though I must salute your hard-work but don't you think the orange color is too strong? -

Great work!

Brilliant photography beautiful post

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This is nice, thanks for sharing. I learned a lot, and the process seems harder than it seems. I have minimal skills in digital painting, but I've gained a few hints from the video.

Please my vote my ID @mohabat

Haven't watched the video yet, but the title "Dog Beach" reminded me of our recent trip to Cape Verde, where we got swarmed by playful puppies on the beach haha.

This is so good! I'm really impressed ... and also really inspired! Now I want definitely try this myself, always want to digital paint, but never got to find how to start ... and here it is. Your video was what I need. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more of this.

Would you have some recent production technique as this tutorial is at least six and a half years old already according to your YouTube upload and I am sure an astute artist like you has learned a ton in this time frame and refined his photoshop skills even more.