the whole 12 zodiac sign illustrations.

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Goodnight everyone! I hope that each of you is in excellent health and mood.

For tonight I would like to present the 12 illustrations of the zodiac signs and show you a little how was my conceptual creative process to reach them.

To put them in context, Juanita Incorpoonato contacted me to illustrate her book "Caminando con el sol". I loved it, illustrating the concepts of the 12 signs of the zodiac represented a great challenge and it was certainly a wonderful opportunity. The greatest difficulty in the project was based on capturing the characteristic of each sign in a graphic image with a clear idea and concept for everyone.

I annex the elaborated illustrations and the generating ideas of each one of them:

1-Aries. "I am". It represents the beginning, it is the energy of starting a project, an idea. For this illustration I was inspired by the Olympic games, I imagined a character starting a race on an Olympic track. The posture, determination and look of the character is key. Aries as a sign of fire is pure energy so the use of red, orange and yellow colors.


2-Taurus. "I have". It is the sign that loves stability and comfort. The luxuries and pleasures. The part of the body that Taurus represents is the back and neck. So I decided to draw a character with earrings, tendrils and jewelry. The hair simulates the horns of a bull. Green and blue colors were used alluding to nature. Taurus is a lover of nature and represents the earth itself as a sign.


3-Gemini. "I think" It is a mental sign. He loves intellectual games. Gemini is a lover of language, of communication. So in the illustration draw two characters, one of them speaks and communicates, and the other is the receiver, he is the one who listens. This is the communication.


4-Cancer "I feel". It is one of the most tender signs of the zodiac. Cancer is the symbolism of the family, of maternal love, so without a doubt the most accurate representation was that of a mother with her child.


5-Leo. "I want". He has such a great confidence in himself that he can be called king. For this illustration I wanted to show the tranquility and in turn the confidence so great that a person can have in this sign. The colors red, orange and yellow to betray that is one of the signs of fire.


6-Virgo. "I analyze." It is one of the most perfectionist zodiac signs. Virgo is the look. He loves the details, they are so observant that they can become maniacs. Gemini looks at the globality, instead Virgo looks at the detail, the tiny thing, the atom.


7-Libra. "I harmonize." They represent the balance, not because they are balanced, but because they seek balance. They are the people in charge of generating justice, that being mediators in moments in conflict situations. No doubt a juggler is a perfect image for this zodiac sign.


8-Scorpio. "I wish". It is sexuality, the desire to discover the hidden. Scorpio has a magnetism that goes beyond reason itself.

Escorpio 2.png

9-Sagittarius. "I understand". It represents the search for truth, a global vision. People born in this sign are extremely optimistic and have a great sense of humor. Mocking in moments.


10-Capricorn. "I ambition." The born climber. He loves challenges, climbing the mountain. They represent the goat, the one that climbs and overcomes the cliffs and difficulties. They are extremely hardworking. Ambitious to the extreme and work hard to achieve what they have proposed.


11-Aquarius. "I know". He is the creative by nature. He loves to break the paradigms, revolutionary ideas are typical of an aquarium. He loves tattoos and piercing, everything that is related to modifying or intervening his own body.


12-Pisces. "I think". The sign of the spiritual zodiac. He has a great imagination. At times he lives so much in his inner world that it seems that he was sleeping. Sometimes somewhat distracted. Very introspective.


These are the twelve illustrations. I hope you liked my post.
If you want to know more about the book "Caminando con el sol" you can visit the following link (only available in Spanish):ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=walking+with+the+sun+juanita+incoronato&qid=1581653498&sr=8-1-fkmr0

Have a wonderful night everybody! The best to all of you!

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