The Earth signs and their characteristics

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Good night everybody!
I would like to expose the characteristics of earth zodiac signs, I mean, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The earth, it is the world of concrete, material and laborious. To get results you have to work the earth. That is why the signs governed by this element like a job well done and never depart from their objectives. These signs are the most Cartesian of the zodiac.They are endowed with a very remarkable pragmatism and are realistic. Material security is of great importance to them.

Be careful because this extreme realism gives these signs the reputation of being cold, indifferent people, lacking flexibility, lightness and fantasy. In fact, it may happen that these signs are protected with a shell to hide their feelings and withstand many tests that life puts at the same time, this shell also allows them to face difficulties with patience and determination.

To do his best, the earth signs do not need much. A little water, sun and attention. Starting from this point, in love, the earth signs have primary needs: physical beauty, sensuality, sexuality, security, stability and tranquility. Even if they have the need to create a home, they need time to anchor 100%. Earth signs like to be sure of them and take risks. That need for exacerbated security eliminates the most versatile and less secure signals of your commitments, but can also make you possessive and suffocating with your partner.

All astrological signs are influenced by a planet. It is he who determines a part of the personality of each sign. What planets govern the earth signs?

Taurus ruled by Venus
Even if he can be distant, Venus helps Taurus express his feelings and emotions. Being a creative and inventive person, Taurus is always ready for everything for his passion. His patient and balanced personality helps him observe before judging or reacting.

Virgo ruled by Mercury
Mercury is the planet of communication as well as Virgo who likes to meet new people and have a lively social life. Of a prudent nature, he never trusts anything and much less about relationships and has a hard time feeling linked to someone.


Capricorn ruled by Saturn
Loneliness and discretion are the keywords of Capricorn ruled by Saturn. Of a calm and prudent nature, Capricorn prefers to remain silent than to say unimportant things, but he believes a lot in his opinions which he does not go through life proclaiming, but he distills them in a timely manner.


In my case my girlfriend is Taurus and the description fit perfect with her, she like stability and has a sense of pragmatism and realistic. She loves to eat well and be in comfort.

Do you belive in zodiac sign?

These illustrations have been done for the book of Juanita Incoronato called "caminando con el sol" That I have the honor to be part as an artist and illustrator.

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