The Air zodiac signs and their characteristics

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Good night everybody!
I would like to expose the characteristics of air zodiac signs, I mean, Geminis, Libra and Aquarius.

The air signs are people with lamente steely. Reflective and intelligent, these signs can easily be threatened if your opinion or intellectual qualities are questioned. These air signs like to be surrounded and share with other people. They develop more than anyone in the social fields.

Interesting to everything and everyone, these air signs are usually somewhat superficial and volatile. It should be mentioned that the air is the symbol of freedom and if this is the primary quality of these signs, sometimes they can be revealed undecided, scattered and / or unstable

These signs have a hard time letting their desires and feelings speak. It is the reason that governs them, they examine all situations, they interrogate themselves about their motivations, attractions and they can let go of the mainly sensual and sexual opportunities. Their pleasure aside, sometimes they can also put aside love, since it costs them some work to compromise and make decisions. Even if love is a “sector” from which the air signs want to learn more, unfortunately they run the risk of facing a couple tired of so much indecision.

Gemini ruled by Mercury
Sociable and eager for encounters, Gemini under the influence of mercury is both mobile and unattainable since it does not want to be linked to anything or anyone.

Libra ruled by Venus
Libra is a worthy representative of the air category. Thanks to Venus, Libra knows how to naturally express his emotions and passions. He is kind and sociable, he knows how to find the good side in each person. Libra is undoubtedly incarnate grace.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus
What matters most to the aquarium is his freedom. It is original and independent, it has innovative, avant-garde ideas, which it sometimes misunderstands, but this Uranian is free from any prejudice.

My father is an aquarium, without a doubt a person who loves freedom, feeling oppressed or depending on others causes him great suffering. from this point of view the aquarium characteristics fit perfectly to him whose ascendant is aquarium.

Do you belive in zodiac sign?

These illustrations have been done for the book of Juanita Incoronato called "caminando con el sol" That I have the honor to be part as an artist and illustrator.


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Thank you so much! It mean a lot to me! With your support I have motivation to keep sharing my art here at steemit! :) The best to you!

Thank you so much! I have done my best!

Your illustrations are just too awesome and professional. I love them.
I've always have been curious about some zodiac signs, thanks for shedding some light

Yeah! Zodiac sign are really interesting topic, personally I love it. It give to everybody a way to understand a little bit some aspect of soul and behavior. Thanks for your feedback, It help me to keep motivated to show my art and keep drawing everyday. have a wonderful weekend my friend.

guao realmente sorprendido que dibujo que arte me encanto.
I love you art, is amazing :D

Muchas gracias por tu comentario! eso me entusiasma a seguir dibujando y mostrando lo que hago. Un cordial saludo para ti!

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Thank you for all the support!

I'm not really a believer for what the zodiac signs are saying but there are sometimes way too many coincidences. So I'm half and half, lol. I love the artworks for the signs!!

Yes! there is a lot coincidences :), so we can wonder, is really a coincidence or is it a fact?. I am not specialistic on the topic, but I love the philosophy and concept of zodiac signs. Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it! :)

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