Sorceress illustration. Gif animation of process. (N3_2020)

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Good night everyone.
In this opportunity I would like to show my illustration number 3 of this year, I feel a little bit lazy, we are on february and I only have done 3 illustration so far. The time is incredible how fast is running.

Is important to make some digital artwork as a practice, work a little bit the blend color on photoshop, also anatomy and expressions of characters. In this practice I imagine a sorceress making a spell, looking a target to strike her powers. I tried to focus on fire and also, something that I really enjoyed was emulate the burn effects on air.

Here I left the gif animation of my process. I think it tooks me 3-4 hours to develop the whole illustration.

This is all for now, how to keep sharing my artwork here. The best night to all of you!



Hi abrahmatan,

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Thank you so much to support my art!

A sexy and young witch. I liked the idea. A witch without warts or a horrible nose. Honestly, I think the work you did with the fire was very well accomplished. A cordial greeting @abrahmatan

Thank you so much to take time to write me. Is very important comment like yours that inspired me to keep drawing! Have a wonderful day!

I love the background colors. It makes me think of a night sky...

Oh, I understand what you're saying with time flying so fast. I haven't managed almost anything what I've planned this year so far...

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