They tell me it's art - 15 sculptures for your viewing pleasure

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I've been cycling past these for a while now, and today I decided to stop and photograph all 15 of them.


Art up Cala Millor - yeah cause they need something to look at...

Cala Millor, my current home, is on the east coast of Mallorca and is one of the Balearic Islands, also off the east coast of mainland Spain. It is a tourist sweet-spot over the summer months and welcomes, in the main, a mix between English and German people. The resort is getting busier by the day - or so Tinder tells me.

You can expect soaring temperatures, a huge beach, and plenty of bars and restaurants, some of which I will be frequenting for the World Cup, starting next week. What they don't tell you in the tour guide is that in 2016, the mayor decided to slap 15 hunks of stone and/or metal along the promenade.

Personally, I like looking at the sea as i cycle down the coast, but apparently, the Mayors brother is an artist (Mum, I cannot find a single reference to this being the case by the way). And what better way to showcase your brothers works, than to block the view of the sea and present them to every visiting tourist.

15 works of Art

There is little on google in English with regards to these pieces, but I found this and translated it from German:

The popular tourist resort in the east of Mallorca has now been artistically enriched. A total of 15 works by the Spanish sculptor Pedro Flores were installed on the promenade between Cala Millor and Cala Bona. Shown are quite everyday objects, such as beds, windows or sofas.

The artist wanted to show in his sculptures intimate and living spaces. Many walkers used the artistic structures in the immediate vicinity of water for unusual photo opportunities. The stone and metal works can be seen on the promenade until July 2017. (Ac)

July 2017 they say...

Anyway, on with the show.

1. Arc De Triomf


2. Front Door


3. Flip-flop


4. Flat to Rent


5. Lovers Seat


6. Garden Sofa


7. Housing Solutions


8. Sea Views


9. My Favourite Spot


10. Room


11.Oh! If I could speak (a bed)


12. Let the light come in


13. 3-D Gaze


14. International award for design (Erm, sofa/bed?)


15. Lounge Sofa


So there you have it. 15 hunks of stone and metal that are available for purchase - some of which are in the tens of thousands of Euros.

What do you think? Time for them to go, or a nice feature for a stroll along the promenade?

First person to tell me how many images my bike appears in wins 2 SBD




I feel like when someone looks at soemthing like this they try to see the emotion and reasoning behind why the person may have made it this way and connect with it , that can be where it can be seen as an art

I don't feel much emotion for iron and stone - but i'm a self-confessed art neanderthal :)

I see some of those and I think “I want sit on them” not buy them. It’s always great when an area try to add something unique and that has purpose and fits somewhat with an area.

I counted 4 times if the cover image is included since it has some photos that are the same.

4 is correct :)

I guess I'm being a bit harsh, but is the sea view not enough? :)

Depends of how big of a tourist trap it is. It’s never enough if it’s filled with them! It’s just something to include in there visit. Oh look at the local culture this place if filled with along the shore!

We got some nice quite beaches for the locals here. They don’t know about them. They would be lost in them. There are no life guards to save there sorry butts when they don’t pay attention to riptide warning! Sometimes we say there are sharks there so they stay away hehe.

It's a major tourist trap - i'll probably do a tour during the peak.

LOL Sharks. Well considering the riptide and lack of lifeguards, you are probably doing them a favor :)

I don’t dare go down to Daytona Beach when it peaks during an event. Even if it is nice they have food trucks, and bunch of other things set up along the beach. Could end up stuck on the highway for hours bumper to bumper. Even the locals will come out in droves to see Bike Week or a big race.

I’ll sometimes go down there for firework shows since they bring in barges filled fireworks with them and put on a good show. No driving on the beach when that happens though. You are already shoulder to shoulder with people blocks out and they tend to have roads for a fair distanced block off.

4, if including collage! If I win, please send to @davemccoy for the newbie/minnow contest. :)

I did not expect this art post from you!

@enjar pipped you to it, sorry! :)

Yeah, first and last I think!

Grrr, I should not have taken the time to do a double count.

No, not last! @osm0sis hasn't been posting much so I miss the beautiful views there. I love the ocean view!! Some of those art pieces are too bulky and really should not be blocking the ocean view. They are cool pieces though, but art isn't my expertise. I like "Let the light come in", a doorway of sorts to the beautiful ocean beyond.


Yeah the window/door ones that can create a boarder for a photo I don't mind, but the bed? And the megalithic tardis? meh

Hehe, I agree that those can go. I guess it would be okay if they placed it a less conspicous area like an inside gallery for the true art lovers to enjoy. Whyever did they have such a big metallic piece like the "room" positioned to block that beautiful view?

Why ever did they have such a big metallic piece like the "room" positioned to block that beautiful view?

This one is terrible!

These pictures rock. Also, the obvious answer to your question is 17.

haha, most of them certainly do.

I believe 'Room' is going for 60000 Euros. I'll offer 17, if I can keep it where it is and they finish the job.

So I could trade my Steemit account for that rock? Where do I sign up? That sounds like a great deal.

Apply some wishful thinking, along with a bright future; and that photo there might be worth that much some day. Cross your fingers!

There is a phone number and an email address on each piece if you'd like to inquire?

That much? I'll go back tomorrow and get one in focus then!

I actually really like a number of them and a few not at all.

I find it ironic that "Sea Views" is actually blocking the sea view. 😂

I might have to come and see them for myself now you've given away where you live.

No chance right now though. It will soon be way too hot for me if it isn't already!

I'm guessing 4 for the bike! 😊

4 was correct but @enjar was the speediest!

I find it ironic that "Sea Views" is actually blocking the sea view

Yup! :D I suppose you could post on a few of them and still capture some of the ocean.

26 today, perfect temperature :D

You're right @abh12345. That is a perfect temperature. Does it get a lot hotter in July and August? 😊

Yeah the temperature should be well into the 30's by then! :D

And that's when it gets too hot for me @abh12345. 😊

Sorry couldn’t get any further than Tinder 😁😁👊
Great pictures!
Already been to Naan?

haha :D

Naan bread? Vietnaan?

Just Naan in Palma de Mallorca.
It is more street food.
Trust me on this one!

I'll need to head into the city, it's about an hours drive from here. On my list!

haha that one stopped me in my tracks too :)

Actually, @abh12345, I prefer the natural sea view beauty. It is not that I don't appreciate art, I like it in its place, a gallery, museum or other public building where you are free to gaze and admire it to your heart's content. I prefer nature o be left untouched or un-improved for the masses.

Am am with you here :)

I suppose art is in the eye of the beholder. Sure, there's some "clever" use of stone and metal... but there are so many of them that it becomes a bit contrived to me. And they are for sale? The BIG problem with that (thousands of Euro notwithstanding) is that many of them are location dependent. They will have a completely different feel in the back yard of your house luxury estate.

I remember Mallorca from childhood (1970s)... lots of Germans baking themselves lobster red on every square inch of beach. Sounds like things haven't changed much.

Anyway, maybe 3-4 of them as permanent installations would be fine, but all of them as a for-sale art show? Not so much.

Yeah they are all for sale, and the prices I hear are pretty hefty.

The seats and some of the windows are ok I suppose, but I agree that 15 is contrived.

And yes, lobster red is still the most popular colour here!

First of all I had no idea the water was the awesome turquoise color in Mallorca. I like maybe 1 or 2 of them, but too many blocks the view. I'm with you on that one! Lol I like the name "housing solution" that you came up with

Yes in the summer and when the sea is calm the water is a lovely colour :D

Actually, 'housing solution' is what was written on the card attached to the sculpture - I think they translated directed from Spanish and this one didn't work out so well!

Pity where i am has not been that sunny all week. I like the art. Its trendy. Better than bits of rubish tied to string or paintings done with obscure body parts 😎


It's been nice here the last 2/3 days. Hopefully you'll get a good one tomorrow!

Nice today, im like a lobster ☀. 2 days left. Not home till tue.

I don't know if this world will be destroyed but I'm sure if God ever wants to build a new world, he will definitely pick some workers off earth. Awesome

Henry Moore must be shitting himself !

PS After your Tinder reference, I'm not sure in what context you're using the word 'bike'...I feel perhaps due to my age there is some other meaning I'm just not getting hence my non-participation in your wonderful and altruistic contest. Thank you :-)

hahaha :D

I did have the word 'old' in front of 'people' just before the Tinder reference.

As you can see though, my bike ain't that rusty!

I honestly love the half of it especially the Sea View and Let the Light Come in and Room. If only we can sit and lie comfortably on some of those.

No plans on taking it down yet? I want them to be taken off and put in the sea. What do you think? :D

Gotta pass on the contest for now.

Well you can sit/lay on them, not sure about the comfortable part.

Sea or scrapyard for most of them will do me :)

Nobody seems to complaining about them so they are letting them stay.


I came here today for another reason and this is just horrific. I am somewhat of an art critic and this is the type of thing that really annoys me. They look like torture mechanisms and ruin what looks like a lovely spot. You can not look at these and feel better afterwards. They make it seem like life is bad. No comfort anywhere.

Nice pics though! You have good composition and color even with bad subjects.

So here's my request. I just wrote this post with the purpose of sending it to people who run curation trails so I can help them improve for their minnows. I'm asking you to please look @abh12345 since you are the best person I know on curation.

I'm not sure I have my facts 100% correct and wanted you to tell me it is good before I start sending it if you would have the time to do it. Thank you so much, and no one should buy this "art" even if it was less outrageously costly.

Thanks, yes looking at the photos they didn't turn out so bad for once :)

Hopefully the majority of the sculptures will be gone next year and we can look at the natural beauty of the sea again.

I read your post yesterday, agreed, and left a message. Trails are not my cup of tea for the reasons you state, and a trigger account, followed last by the largest voter would be the most ethical way to run a trail for minnows kind enough to follow.

It may already be like that for some trails, I'm not sure.

Yes, so do it like that, and that is why I thought to make this post for the ones that do not. Now you know how unorganized I am right now to not see your comment. Sorry about that.

Everything about upvoting here is bizarre and i'm trying to work it as best I can without making enemies.

Off topic sort of - When I got here - I was told often that it was no trouble to self-vote when you are small. Now people with 15 sp yell at each other not to do it. Somehow I missed that transition in thinking.

I think their focus should be on content, and not what each other are doing :)

what an ocean view though (if you can just look past that "art"!)

haha, indeed :D

The sky and the sea will do me - maybe move these to block the view to a mine or something not of natural beauty?

These on on a roundabout on the way to the city, they do like rusty objects :)

Haha I like your idea and these are cool! Nice lighting!

Things that made me laugh in your post:

  • The resort is getting busier by the day - or so Tinder tells me.
  • 11.Oh! If I could speak (a bed)
  • 14 International award for design (Erm, sofa/bed?)
  • 15 hunks of stone and metal

At least they're all of similar nature, but am I a huge fan, not so much. I can pretend and talk about the symbolism in the cold and crushing artistic elements enshrined that modern living and architecture has on the natural beauty of blah blah blah , but I prefer the ocean view :)

I see I missed the count of 4 too :) I was actually out cycling myself today and am ok with missing out on the 2 sbd :) So kind of you to do that though!

By the way, comparatively speaking, this is considered art in Vancouver:

Now the real question is, whose deserves to be removed? :)

The ocean view is far superior isn't it?

What on earth is that going on in Vancouver, I kinda like it!

Yes, mother nature beats human artists most days :)

Get this: there's major construction now going on in that part of Vancouver, so the Trans-Am Totem (insert laugh track here) which was permanently installed with cement piles etc, will be taken down and the city has decided that no "old" art will go in the new space. I'm sure they'll commission something new, but in the meantime, the artist is trying to sell it at a price of $250,000 US; so far no takers, so it might just end up in his driveway. The upside is that the same artist was commissioned to do a similar piece in Munich in 2017 :) Hope he recouped his potential losses :)

You can't make this stuff up Asher :)

haha, brilliant!

If only the dog on the photo was cocking a leg up the trunk in the foreground :D

I suspect some of the Cala Millor sculptures will end up at the home of the creator, or perhaps offered as 'gifts' to lucky friends for their birthday.

Ohh what did you get me? It's a 'room', with plenty of room!

hahaha the dog bit would have been awesome!

I suspect some of the Cala Millor sculptures will end up at the home of the creator, or perhaps offered as 'gifts' to lucky friends for their birthday.

...and then re-gifted for another lucky friends birthday :)

I would say that an unobstructed view of the sea is more than enough. However, since some of those things are meant to be sat on, I would image anyone passing by, who decides to sit down on them and face the sea, would still have an unobstructed view of it.

Paying tens of thousands for anything, in euros, dollars, etc., is not something I'm going to do, unless it does something awesome, like move me at 65 mph and more down a freeway, allows me to spend the night in it after pulling it down said freeway, or gives me a 10 x 10 meter lot on said beachfront, where I can then pull in my camper and park my truck. :)

Okay, probably can't get even that postage stamp of land for tens of thousands of euros, but I can dream. :)

Yes the ones that act as seats I'm OK with, and actually some of the windows too. Not sure about the huge Iron ones though - they cut a lot of the view.

Well, those look more like things for kids to climb on and potentially get hurt in the process which means lawsuits. And if I remember right, their descriptions didn't really match what I was seeing, so I'm thinking they were more of an excuse to get rid of extra or unwanted material, or one of those deals where what's going on in the creator's mind isn't translating very well to the real world.

Lawsuits in Spain? Not often, they employ the common sense rule which is a refreshing change. Child falls off something, child shouldn't have been climbing on something!

Well, now, isn't that interesting. No lawsuits means fewer lawyers, at least accident lawyers, which is fine by me, if not rather surprising. I agree it is refreshing. Next thing you're going to tell me they don't have a camera on every street corner and that you can do whatever you want with your property and that taxes are at an all-time low. (okay, that last one is very much my wishful thinking.)

I have not seen one street camera!

Hopefully the one in the supermarket is working though as I've just handed over a 10 and received change for a 5. I am 99% certain it was a 10, and am heading back there in half an hour - hopefully for the rest of my change!

I'd love to hear if you got it back. I'm not sure if it would happen here. They'd probably want proof, which would basically be my word against the cashier's. If you do get it back, Mallorca may end up being my retirement place after all. If we can move the obstructing street junk art. :)

Asher I hope someone wins that prize, and please take me out of your Sunday league. I have some things to do, that means I can not be online, cheers bro.

Ok buddy, I hope all is well.

It is all good Asher. Have a great week.

Great use of your taxes.
I love family subsidized solidarity, the best kind of generosity there is.

a fantastic use of taxes :/

Wow ... you are very propesional in loving beauty ,, it is a great photo, I am proud to follow you, sorry your post is my resteem

it is a very beautiful photo choice ,, i like it

Amazing place 😍😍

Some unique things you showed today seems like cycling is fun to explore this kind of stuff wonderful :) the door was quite cool

I know it's four times, but not for the reward anyways... Lol

I think everything is just too perfect for where they are located, they should not consider selling them. They can make the replica for anyone that want it.

All of them are just too perfect for the beach...

Lovely snaps and what a wonderful location that you are so fortunate to make your jogging there. And what wonders me is all in the same place and wish one day I could see this place..(just dream as it is non taxable here hehe)..

Thanks for the steem that you send today... I am really happy now a days with Steemit

Some of them are kind of neat...maybe a park but not on the beach. If anything you want place you and just sit and enjoy the view.

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