With my daddy at Igloo ... ^^ [Originated by Amy]

in #art6 years ago

Hello my friends... ^^

This painting was drawn by my daughter Amy.
1 - 복사본.jpg

When we traveled Jeju Island last summer, blanket was required due to cold igloo.
It was very cold but we were happy with smile ... ^^
I'm happy to sharing the Amy's drawing and photo... ^^
Have a nice day... ^^


Wow she has done some amazing work in this age.

Amy's painting was drawn in detail and very cute :)

I love you, Abdullar
King of Gazua

따님의 그림에 즐거움과 따뜻함이 느껴져요 보는 제 입꼬리가 쑥 ~~^^

a very nice painting that reflects the happiness with my family loves it

Good job!

shiny happy familly :). Cheers!

painting your daughter very nice friend

Nice place with a beautiful family! Thank you for giving Amy's great drawing and photo~~~

good father

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