My Mural Project at Palamilk Tea - a tea house

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I would like to present you my recent doodle mural for a newly established milktea house in 1764D Laon-Laan, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines called Palamilk Tea. The place is so beautiful and its location is warming, it feels like I'm in the old Manila like what I saw in televisions and magazines.

Background Story:

I met the owners back in May 19, 2018 in @creativestreet 's first art workshop for the kids in Rizal Park. They are KissEd Golden Heart, an organization who distributed school supplies and bags for the kids. And from then on they became one of our major partners in our advocacy.

And in their milktea house, they wanted to have a corner for Creative Street 's donation drive for the kids. Isn't it nice?

That's why the design would be more like of what you see in the streets and some doodles about tea and creativity. They also wanted the tea house to have more hand painted decorations even with the signage and menu boards.

Here are the materials I used:
  • Latex Paint : White & Black
  • Tinting Colors
  • Brushes

The Canvas/Walls:

This is the area to where I will paint. Their shop is located at 1764D Laon-Laan, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines.


Work in Progress:


Painting a signage is a new thing for me, and since I do not have a stable hand, I spent longer time here. But the thrilling part is stepping on a ladder and balancing myself with the paint. I was also hoping that the signage would come up nicely.
See it for yourself :)


I worked two days here and I enjoyed staying. Ms Jilly and Ms. Jean also let me taste their very own palamilk and milktea. These are perfectly splendid!

The finished product:

This is me with the doodle mural in the background.

I invited my friends from Creative Street to celebrate the opening of the tea house last December 5, 2020. I made the sign board.

Meet Johnsent and Nyx. They are one of my co-founders and art teacher/volunteer in Creative Street.

Here's the owners, Ms Jillian and Ms Jean. They are also the ones who formulate their product. And I say that their Milkteas are extraordinary and delicious. Menu prices range from Php 49 ($1) to Php 109 ($1.2).

Thank you for dropping by

Keep safe and have a nice day



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nice work. :)

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