I painted a horse ... for the first time

in #art-venture5 years ago


Well, my friend from work is the owner of the horse. A few times a week she goes to a stable and teaches horse riding. So, this picture is especially for her.


I think I'll start painting horses more often. You know, I love cats and German Shepherds the most, but I come to the conclusion that the horses are also ok...



Hi kittykate,

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You not only painted a horse but also created a wonderful painting about a friendship between the horse and the owner. I can tell from looking at it that the owner loves the horse very much. Emotions are hard to draw or paint but you did a good job. Well done!
I've tried watercolor but I find it very difficult. I think I'll stick to drawing, it's easier for me.

Very touching. Horses tend to inspire mixed feelings of fear and admiration for how imposing they are and how powerful they can be; but also, they inspire feelings of tenderness because of their loyalty and expressivity, they can also be very fragile.
Your painting catches on the latter aspect. Well done

For the first time you did extremely well and wouldn't have believed you if you hadn't of said so. You have hit this one spot on as animals are hard to get right and the head and detail are perfect.

And you say it's your first time? The first time I leave the lines, the second I do not know what colors to use and the third one comes out just like yours hahahahaha god I am a mess coloring, it's nice your work, greetings

Thx. In total, there is no difference in drawing a horse or a man. You need to have fun. I have :-)

Nice piece of art. Don't
Stick on the subject that you've been used to, explore and try to go beyond your boundaries cause in the end it improves you a lot. So keep it up @kittykate

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What a lovely painting. I can feel so much love from this painting. Her expression is precious. The relationship between a human and a horse can be very strong and I'm sure theirs is just like this :)

You should definitely paint more horses as you're very good at it.

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

I'm pleasantly surprised by the voice from curie. Yes, I will draw more horses :-). My friend from horses will take care of it.

That was a nice painting. I sense some elegance in it. The horse is also a good subject when it comes to painting. They are lovely and majestic creatures.

Cheers to your work of art. Keep up the good work.

What a lovely picture, @kittykate :) Your friend and her affection for this horse is captured very nicely with this picture :D Love the delicate colours and you really did the horse's features and forms well ! Amazing for your first time :D

Oh wow wow, thats such a pretty painting plus I love horses. Thanks for sharing this pretty thing with us and congrats on your curie :)

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