Free To Use Art Base (1 out of ???)

in #art-base3 years ago (edited)

anime base 1 - 6.png

This base is free to use! Feel free to trace, copy, edit, redistribute it, or what have you!~

Got to thinking about how frustrating it is to try and keep up with a bunch of different sites. It kinda lead into this weird tangent of a brain-loop, but it ended with me thinking about, well...

What if I put stuff that I saw or enjoyed from other sites onto Steemit?? :P

I didn't use them very often, but bases were always a common staple of things you'd see on deviantART. (Along with things like art memes and your-character-here journal memes, which I will be doing those in the future, too :P)

So basically what this is, is... It's a base. An image that anyone is allowed to trace over to make drawings with. People can copy, edit, redistribute, ect, this picture for whatever reason. I only ask that you add a link to this post so other people can find the base, too <3

I'd also love to see if anybody decides to use it :3c

PSA: You ARE allowed to copy and trace THESE SPECIFIC IMAGES, but please don't trace someone's artwork without their permission! Thanks! <3

This includes me, haha. Please don't go around tracing my other pictures without asking me first :P

And, without further adieu, here's the base (and a couple variants) along with an example of how it could be used:

anime base 1 - 1.png

anime base 1 - 2.png

anime base 1 - 3.png

anime base 1 - 5.png

anime base 1 - 4.png

Happy drawing!! :DD


Wow that's awesome- thanks for sharing. I will pass this on!

Ahh, thank you! <3 I'm glad you like it :3c

Nice! What is the coloring process in pic no.4 called? :)

Haha, well I was using a fill-bucket tool just to make it simple, and the inks are on a vector layer.
I made a new vector layer so that I could easily fill in shaded areas, and made the shading red so I could see it easier.

But, when I used the fill-bucket tool on the hair, it bled through because I guess the red and the brown were too similar... so instead of adjusting the fill-bucket tool's settings like a sane person, I turned the girl blue because that was just easier XDDD

I thought it looked neat tho LOL
Kinda like a patriotic poster, sort of?? But the blue would be a different shade, if it were.
It really pops nicely though, I think x) Haha~

I see. xD

I never use vector layer before. Probably should start using it soon. Yeah its does look neat.

Thanks for the explanation !!! :)

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