Clairy sage (Salvia sclarea) - essential oil post

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This oil is derived by steamdistillation of the fresh leaves and flowers.

The absolute beauty an colorful richness of this flower comes back in its #scent – this is a perfume in itself, with so many layers to smell…the first tough is almost euforic, and this is exactly what this oil can do to you…euforise you. It is said that a massage with clary sage equals a good bottle of champagne.

Clairy sage goes with opal; she is strong, iridescent and inspiring – she is the jonger sister of sage – she feels before she thinks and that keeps her earthed, that keeps her close to herself and nature; she is a true deva that walks in gardens in her silver green elfisch clothing, with that touch of purper and rose to it; you can never see just one color when you look at her.

Clairy sage makes you look at yourself with tender love, where as sage can be quite direct, almost blunt and tot he point. Both oils are strong female energy boosters, but clary sage has the soft en gentle touch in doing so. She is the modest sister of the carreer woman that sage is, it brings the female energy (which all men and women have) in movement, like a vortex, and it will bring into the light all the obstacles that keep you from your divine purpose in life.
In earth-language that means that she can dissolve very deep tension. She brings it tot the surface, into the light of your consiousness so you can work wit it. Clairy sage is a very strong oil to work with in coaching and psychological trajects.

On a more medical level this is a good oil for women in transition; it regulates the hormon balance and gets you out of the highs and the lows that come from this hormonal change.

Though there is not much scientific evidence for it, its effect on estrogen levels make this a possible contra indication for hormon related cancers. Best to use than the oil only for evaporation instead of massage.

Before transition this oil will work wonders for period problems; bathing will regulate over-transpiring, migraine, activate the absence of a period an calm menstrual cramp.

For men, who also have female enrgy, this is a very good oil to get creative; its the oil to evaporate for painters, artsist, writers – it will give them inspiration.

Avoid essential oils use in the first months of pregnancy; and if you do feel like using them - check their savety and the dosis.

Keep essential oils out of reach of children.

Never use undilluted oils on skin and NEVER take them orally without advice of a certified aromatherapist - these substances can do serious harm to your tissues.

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