Aleksa's Book Review: Weak States in Intl Relations Theory

Despite the book's arduous title and notable length, I opted to only focus on the "Armenia vs. St. Kitts" segment of the book, as the rest of it was hardly applicable. At 100,000 words I think it counts as its own book for all intents and purposes. This book goes into how countries that don't have the prerequisites of power use various methods to balance their way into prosperity, sometimes at the cost of freedom.

Same as yesterday's book, it explains the balancing act that Armenia plays between two superpowers (US & Russia) as well as the regional powers of Iran & Turkey (to a lesser extent Azerbaijan). Concessions in the way of voting on UN issues, adopting various transnational agreements, and similar movements make up most of this maneuvering.

It's also strange how the matter of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) is so hot that practically nobody wants to touch it, leading to the situation festering further into a cold peace that can't be good for anybody. The recent movement of Armenia into "democracy" is noted as a positive effect on US-Armenia relations, always an interesting point.