Aleksa's Book Review: Intergovernmental Transfers

Certainly not restricted to only environmental infrastructure transfers, this book explains foreign aid in a way I didn't expect. The movement of financial assets from one government to another takes place via standard commercial banks more often than not, and it's somewhat worrying how formal government systems essentially bootstrap even in the 21st century.

Explanations of Armenia's relationship to both Russia and the USA is explained as a careful balance of winning financial and other favours (primarily financial from the Americans and others from Russia), and it lends good insight into the point of view of Armenia trying to sew up multiple bleeding gashes at once.

However, the book's writing is notoriously thick despite its short length which made comprehension difficult. Sentences run on, are rarely interconnected and otherwise the book shows the seams of its joint creation by several authors. It's by no means a bad read, but you'll have a hard time of it.