ARKER weekly #7 / 2019

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It has been a few weeks since the last weekly, during this time we have been working on the commercial approach of the game. We are close to our first goal of having a full version of the game that allows us to reach the general public. As we have already commented a few times, we need to focus on the content and the story mode (Single Player); the version 1.4.0 that we present today leaves us all ready to focus, finally, in this story mode that will culminate the first big phase of the game.


In the previous weekly we talked about version v1.3.0 where we focused on implementing the feedback received by the community; however, we focused so much on finishing pending tasks and including new features that we just did not launch this version. But, as we usually say, the wait will be worth it, since we have almost ready the version 1.4.0 with more than interesting news: as main feature we bring the new design for the abilities of the game that comes with unique designs for each ability; this includes a new way to show the information of the same as well as a new design of the miniatures in combat. In addition, we have improved the tutorial to facilitate comprehension and included a new progress bar in the ranks based on the player's ELO.


What's next

The next big step is the story mode, which will be an important milestone that will allow us to focus on the general public by launching on Steam. While we work in this mode, our artistic team continues the design of the next classes like the "Soul Hunter", which we revealed in the previous weekly.
In addition, the new designs of the abilities don't come alone, soon we will also launch the new objects by ranges. More information about this will come soon.

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