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Ohm view

After the rain of fire tears, the planet Thera quaked for weeks. By the time Heaven and Earth wanted to give a truce, almost half of the world population had perished at the cataclysm. But then, a strange mineral form emerged from between the wounds. Stones of a bubbling iridescent green color that those who had survived to the apocalypse called ARKER.

Shrouded in a halo of mystery and superstition, the survivors would soon discover each of those green gems radiated a greater amount of energy than any other source known until then; However, exposure to the mineral was also deadly toxic.

Those who managed to withstand their contact, not only adapted to a world on the verge of collapse, but saw their capabilities enhanced and became practically invulnerable to the inclemency. On the contrary, the ARKER became a vital necessity to them, which led to those men and women, to a perpetual confrontation by the dominion of the veins where the mineral sprouted.

Around these deposits, settlements emerged which their main activity were the rock mining. Thus, their strategic and material value made them the priority target of organized nomadic groups that besieged from the resulting inhospitable wastelands after the disaster. The result of those clashes that would just never end, was the origin of the Clans.



As you already know, three will be the original classes that can be used to recruit heroes: the Berserkers, the Alchemists and the Izarians. Each class has its own unique characteristics that players must discover through the experience of the battles or by collecting the texts that the guardians left written in the forgotten books.

Later a new class of hero will join the squad; they say that they hide in the shadows to attack stealthily and from a distance to their enemies carrying only a bow.


Every self-respecting hero knows the basic abilities for the battle, however, to reach the top you need to learn special or even unique abilities that allow you to face the strongest and come out victorious. If a hero wishes to learn these advanced abilities he must first find the writings to learn these new arts; and there is no better place to find something than in the store or the market.

But we must bear in mind that the capabilities are limited, so the same hero can not carry more than eight abilities simultaneously or eight abilities that, as a whole, add up to more than 120 cost points. You must find the perfect balance between the best abilities and an adjusted cost. Only those who get a good balance will get to be victorious.


A hero is nothing without his weapon, but neither is it without his relics. The best known relics are the stones, although there are others. The stones are fragments of ancient elements that were formed during the rain of tears of fire; these have been widely studied, but nobody has been able to replicate the effects they give to certain heroes when they wear them.


In the store you can find objects, abilities and even rare chests whose contents nobody knows. Every day they receive new merchandise so if you don't want to miss any object or special offer you should make a visit every day.


This is where the heroes put on sale abilities and objects, either because they no longer need them or to get a good handful of ARKER in exchange for them. You can find rare items that only a few possess and that rarely can be seen for sale.

Game modes


Are you ready for a brawl? Find an opponent and give your best to emerge victorious; get experience, fragments of ARKER and points to take your clan to the top.


In this game mode you can challenge another player to a duel in exchange for a stipulated amount of ARKER agreed by both. If both players accept the duel they will challenge each other in a battle; whoever wins will take the agreed amount of ARKER from the other player.

History mode

Immerse yourself in the depths of the rift in search of adventures and treasures. This mode, which will be available later, will allow you to delve into a solo adventure that will not only allow you to get rare treasures but also allow you to discover the true story of Ohm and forgotten by many.


The training is a basic part to become the best, therefore, if your hero needs to test a newly acquired relic or a new combination of abilities can do fighting against himself in the training mode easily and safely without put at risk it's integrity.

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