ARKER weekly #25 / 2018

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About the weeklys and current status

Due to the current point where the project is -where we are focusing on the development of the public version of the game, the new official website of the game and the exit of ARKER in new exchanges-, it is possible that not all the weeks we can announce news about the project. This does not mean that there aren't, but they are either technical advances with little interest to the community or is information or content that we must reserve for the launch.

For now, in the technical section of the game, we are working on integrating the services of the different platforms (Android and iOS) such as in-app purchases and notifications. We have also begun to redesign the entire interface of the game to make it completely new from scratch, taking into account all the aspects that we have been introducing throughout these months of development.

We are also introducing part of the logic of the game to the new official website that we have been preparing for some weeks. This new website, focused exclusively on the game and the world behind it, will be one of the pillars, together with the marketing campaign, for the launch of the game to the general public. Remind you that, in addition to explaining the operation of the game, as well as telling the story behind the city of Ohm and each of the classes competing for control, players can log in with their account and manage their heroes , their abilities and their items (but not combat).

As you can see, it is about finalizing the details of everything that encompasses the project. We are working on different aspects at the same time trying to create an ecosystem where each part of it works as a whole. We are looking forward to showing you everything we are preparing. The wait will be worth it. Go sharpening the weapons!