ARKER weekly #17 / 2018

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News in the game

On Monday we will launch a new weekly update of the game. We have added new game mechanics that will make the battles over the lands of Ohm much more interesting, as well as numerous improvements in the interface that many of you have asked. This update includes:

  • Ability effects: The abilities of the game now can have effects that will be applied at the time of the confrontation. Two abilities can have the same damage and the same skill, but a different effect, which can make a difference. But beware! Some abilities have the effect of blocking the effects of the opponent ability. Read more in the tutorial.
  • Locations: We have added a new location for the battles, besides adding to these climatological effects to get a better immersion for the player. Progressively we will continue adding new locations and effects.
  • Improvements in use: Following your comments we have made some changes such as allowing only the items and abilities of the selected hero to be shown, highlighting your position in the ranking or showing the gold and ARKER available in the shop. We have also added a warning to the player (via vibration) when there is a change of turn in a battle.
  • Bug fixes: As it could not be less, we have also fixed a few minor errors that had been found by the community, and we have also made several optimizations.

After the implementation of the new mechanics with the effects of the skills, we have updated the tutorial of the game. Do not forget to visit it at:

More coin listing

This week ARKER has been listed in CoinLib, where you can follow the actual market capitalization and more.

ARKER [ARKER] price, charts and detailed metrics

And that is all for this week!

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