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The blogs 1-5 are of general interest.

The blog posts from number 6 onward are geared towards developers but are also interesting for users to understand the current and future potential of Ark.

1 - Ark Wallets

Ark is offering two of the best cryptocurrency wallets available today.

Mobile Wallet:

Desktop Wallet:

2 - Ark Blockchain Explorer

The web application to browse through transactions of the blockchain:

3 - Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet Guide

Best security based on hardware wallets:

4 - Ark Voting Guide

How to vote in order to stake your coins:

5 - Ark Ecosystem Business Entity

Ark is registered as legal business entity in France:

6 - The Bounty Program

Collect a bounty for your contribution to development:

7 - Ark Commander

Easy management of Ark nodes running the blockchain:

8 - Ark Blockchain Deployer

Launch your own Blockchain in some minutes:

9 - Ark Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Understand how other programming languages can interact with Ark:

10 - Ark Smart Bridge Vision

Explanation how bridges between blockchains will work in the future:

11 - Ark Version2 Features

To understand the future of Ark you should read through the upcoming features:

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Wow. You have powered up, J 😆

Big fan of Ark. What are your thoughts about this airdrop coming up with Phantom?


It is a new approach. Interesting to see how it will work out.


I'm wondering the same


I followed the Medium tutorial for the upcoming airdrop. Fairly easy to follow. Snapshot tomorrow. Lets see how it all plays out.

Cool to have all those features put in 1 blog post, thanks.