Ark Community Improvement Proposal 01

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To move forward for future adoption, the community needs to improve just as much as the protocol. Some improvements don’t fit in an AIP as they are not purely protocol-based.

There is a lot to improve on that ACIP, so comment below to propose your upgrades to it I will include them.


New projects encounter several problems that needs to be fixed to help the ecosystem bloom, and the community should not just seek to improve the protocol of the blockchain through proposal, but also the way that things are handled overall, as to improve the project owners’ experience, as to grow its visibility.

One of those problems is the hardships project owners gets to get overall visibility.

There is no central place where projects can all post their updates, project’s presentation, and needs. As a result, the project owners use the global communication channels and the many different places that Ark Ecosystem has put in place, which dilute the information, lowering the capacity of the community to evaluate the projects in their ensemble and hindering the process of assessing if they are worth their investments.

As the community grows, it is not possible that every good project will become a forger, and when the ecosystem will count many projects, il will be impossible for the ACF to follow up with the funds for the biggest projects.


In-chain registration of projects
Enabling the explorer to see all the projects registered
Community participation in information spreading
Project help without the need to forge



This will need an AIP

The registration of project should be a 2-steps procedure, the first would be to register a delegate, so to be handled and recognized under this name, the second would be a “register project” which would register a project under the specified delegate’s name and an URL to the project’s website or other media of choice.

This would allow the explorer to be able to show all the projects going on in the community in a decentralized, uncensored way. With this, the ecosystem would be etched right in the heart of Ark’s blockchain, and it would be possible to review a delegate’s projects and deeds straight from his delegate address.

Enabling 2 votes per address, with the verification that one is a project and one is a delegate needs to be implemented, so that your staking reward (or part of it) is sent to the project’s address.


This is the non-enforceable part of an ACIP, with this explorer, the creation of a website dedicated specifically to the ecosystem, where the delegate can log in with the TX of their project’s registration, to post the updates, and all the rest.

To date, it is extremely difficult to see the information about the different projects, to have their updates, and to see all the comments of the community on each project. With this website, the visibility would be complete, both for the people of the community, but also for those who aren't from within the community.


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