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With this newest episode #52 released, it’s official — The ARK Crypto Podcast is celebrating one year of episodes. A huge thanks to the listeners and supporters that make this show possible. In this article, we will break down some of the top reasons you should start tuning in if you haven’t already.

Episode 52 — A Walk Down Memory Lane

We have put together a very special episode of The ARK Crypto Podcast to celebrate an entire year of episodes. Digging deep into the archives, we have put together some top soundbites from episodes past. This episode is a great way to see how consistent the vision of the ARK Ecosystem is, as well as give new listeners a quick way to catch up on what they have been missing. Check it out below.

In-Depth Interviews

The ARK Crypto Podcast features in-depth interviews with other team members, delegates on the ARK Public Network, other crypto projects, and more. These interviews provide an eye-opening experience of what it’s like to use ARK technology, what it’s like to participate in consensus on ARK, and where the team is in executing the vision of the ARK Ecosystem. Check out this interview with ARK bridgechain nOS featuring Founder and CEO Dean van Dugteren:

Community Questions

The podcast also occasionally releases episodes surrounding the questions about ARK that come from the community. Questions are collected via Twitter and Reddit, and answers are discussed at length on the podcast. Check out this example of an episode featuring community questions about the ARK Deployer below:

Pulse on the Community

The podcast celebrates the innovative ideas that people are implementing using ARK technology in the community. With simplicity at ARK’s Core, it’s easier than you think to dive into ARK and create something great. Check out this episode that highlights some of the tools, plugins, and services that the ARK community has been working on below:

Blockchain Legal Roundup

From time to time the podcast airwaves are hijacked by Ray Alvarez, a bar-certified lawyer and ARK’s Strategic Partnership Manager. Ray breaks down local, state, national, and international news regarding cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and the law. Check on one of his installments below:

Tips and Insight

The ARK Crypto Podcast aims to provide valuable information beyond what just pertains to ARK. This episode received the highest number of listens so far. Check out my tips to get through bear market episode below:

The Podcast Relaunch

We are pleased to announce that The ARK Crypto Podcast will be restructured into The Podcast starting soon. That means an official presence on the website, more outreach initiatives, and a new overhaul on content and topics. To facilitate this restructuring, the podcast will go on hiatus for a few weeks while all the preparations are made. The podcast will return soon bigger and better than ever, and I for one can’t wait. Thank you for listening, and thank you for supporting the ARK Ecosystem.

The podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Spotify,, and wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Happy listening!

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