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The ARK team is continuing its hiring of talented and reliable community members that have shown dedication, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn and help others when needed. With that in mind, we are very happy to announce our newest member joining the ARK family, Vinicius Munich. Vinicius is a full-stack developer who will take charge of ARK Deployer enhancements as well as new features we are introducing soon.

Vinicius’s path to IT and fascination for computers started at the computer shop while he was very young. That fascination evolved into an affinity for programming as the shop later became a software development company. At sixteen years old, Vini moved from Brazil to the United States and joined a vocational school in software development.

Before he joined ARK he was in charge of hosting sector as a systems administrator, managing and maintaining critical cloud infrastructure, and in the digital marketing industry as a full stack developer, at a company providing data analysis and social media management to a variety of customers.

Vini discovered ARK in 2017 while researching cryptography and blockchain software development and has been hooked ever since. During that time, he became a delegate on the ARK Public Network and worked on multiple community-facing projects. He also participated in hackathons and the ARK Development and Security Bounty Program. Most recently, Vini has been working on bringing one-click functionality to the ARK Deployer, which is a Tier 0 Project.

Vinicius is a very versatile developer and has experience in PHP, Python, Javascript, TypeScript, VueJS, PhoneGap/Cordova, Bash/CLI, Laravel, TailwindCSS, AWS, Docker, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, and more. One of the key traits we look for in a new hire is the ability to adapt quickly, and we saw that in Vini as he evolved widely used tools and services within the ARK Ecosystem.

Moving forward, Vini will take over and lead the development of the ARK Deployer. He will continue to build and expand the ARK Deployer with much-anticipated features a lot of developers have been waiting for. Put simply, Vini will launch us ever closer to the true vision of ‘Point. Click. Blockchain.’.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Vinicius join the ARK team — welcome aboard Vini!

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