Meet Eugene— ARK’s Newest Motion Designer

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As we build out our end-user product line and refine our messaging, we also want to expand our marketing in a visualized manner. Motion Design provides us with another unique way to communicate ARK’s messaging. Eugene will be providing the tools and skills that are required in everything from basic 2D animation and GIFs to advanced 3D animation and full video renderings.

Blending our messaging with visual communication, motion storytelling and audio to create engaging content allows us to reach target audiences quicker and much more effectively. This is extremely effective for condensing large amounts of information into short attention-grabbing motion graphics and extremely powerful for social media.

Graphics and videos assist in telling a story in a concise and easy to digest format. The ability to condense thousand-word blog posts or explanations into short visuals is much more practical for the average person to absorb. Tutorials, explanations, and data visualizations are just some examples that the power of visualization can bring to a marketing tool kit.

Eugene will be joining our lead designer Oleg Shcherbyna and assisting our marketing department with all of our visual communications. You may have already noticed some of Eugene's work recently with our Desktop Wallet Design-a-theme contest.

About Eugene

Eugene’s passion for design is very evident. With more than 10 years of experience in motion design, Eugene has produced video content and animations for a wide variety of industries and companies. Some of Eugene’s skills lie in After Effects, Photoshop, 3ds max, Vegas, Substance Painter and Mocha.

Eugene has had an interest in designing and motion graphics for a very long time. He recalls not having YouTube or any tutorials to assist him when he was younger and just starting out. Learning everything he could from trial and error along with simple help docs.

After graduation, he went to work for a local advertising agency, but soon realized he had more interest in creating original content on his own and moved on to following his own passions and freelancing. One such passion includes his love for gaming and the game Counter Strike. Joining a gaming team and producing all of their videos. Including advertising, highlights, graphics, audio and more. Outside of motion design his interests also include smart automation and IoT technology, making him a perfect fit in the blockchain world.

We are very excited to have Eugene joining the ARK Team and can’t wait to utilize all of his talents. Welcome to the ARK Family Eugene.

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