Meet Davi — Our Newest Full-Stack Developer

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We are very happy to announce our newest team member, Davi Figueiredo. Davi is a full-stack developer who will initially be tasked with ARK Desktop Wallet development. But like all ARK Team members, he is poised to assist between projects and departments.

As our industry grows and blockchain technology continues to progress, we also grow as a team and development platform, and our goals broaden as we continue to push forward. Cross-training, researching and helping everyone on the team to be interoperable and active in more than one position makes ARK stronger. This is one of the many reasons Davi fits perfectly within the ARK family.

With extensive experience, Davi has obtained a wide variety of valuable skills. Some of his programming language proficiencies include ECMAScript (Modern JavaScript and NodeJS), PHP, Batch, SH, Java (Native Android) and Flutter. He also has experience in many frameworks like React (Hooks), Redux, React Native, VueJS, Vuex, NativeScript, Apache Cordova, Flutter and NestJS, all of which will come into play with some of his initial tasks working with the ARK Wallet.

That's not all, he also has experience working with databases like SQL/MS SQL, Oracle and NoSQL/MongoDB/Prisma making him a very well rounded developer.

About Davi

Davi became a developer because of his shared love of machines and learning as a child. His creativity and development enthusiasm lead him into hands-on IoT and hacking even before any training or schooling presented itself. These passions still live and breath throughout his work and hobbies today.

Since his early days of hacking, learning and developing, Davi has acquired an extensive portfolio and resume. With 11 years of professional software development, 7 years of experience in software design (UX/UI), 3 years of experience in business development and much more. He has also been involved with more than 80 different software projects, one of which included 2 years of blockchain development. Each project involved working with different frameworks and different technologies. This has allowed Davi to develop the versatile ability to quickly switch between different codebases and programming languages almost spontaneously.

Please welcome Davi to the ARK Team and family. We hope he’ll enjoy working with us, engaging with all of the ARK community and resolving your issues on GitHub 😃.

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