Meet Breno — ARK’s Newest Full Stack-Developer

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This year we are set to attack all fronts of our end-user product line with full force. One-Click Deployer, Marketplace, Desktop Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Explorer, Website… and with all of this in mind, we are happy to announce our 3rd developer hire this month to help us on our front-facing solutions. Please welcome Breno Polanski.

With our fully-loaded roadmap for 2020, it was evident that more developer power was needed. Being a versatile developer, Breno will lend his powers to other developers on all of our products that need the most attention at any given time. These include:

  • Our upcoming One-Click Deployer, a fully-fledged automated bridgechain deployment solution which will be a massive upgrade over the current Deployer.

  • The ARK Marketplace, that will tie together the entire Ecosystem and provide bridgechains tools and means to get their name out there.

  • ARK Mobile Wallet upgrade, with more simplistic UI/UX and new features.

  • Keeping up with the upcoming Desktop Wallet, Explorer & Website changes as well as maintaining all of these.

About Breno

Breno Polanski is a full-stack developer who loves building web applications and contributing to open-source projects in his free time. As with most of us, his journey began by playing games, getting more and more interested in the concepts of how games are made and how the software works. His programming path started in school when he was a part of a robotics team. That experience encouraged him to study much more about programming.

While working his way to graduating with a Bachelors in Information Systems, he worked as a part-time researcher at NUTES / UEPB, where he had the opportunity to study and develop electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) software and a web application for viewing medical records.

Before joining ARK he worked for a company from London called Meteorite BI, as a front-end engineer providing web-based analytics solutions. He was also a Udacity mentor (mentoring Udacity students to make them achieve their goals and helping them solve technical issues) and Udacity project reviewer (reviewing student project submissions, striving to give actionable and helpful feedback, which included best practices in the intro to programming and front end development).

During the course of his programming experience over the last 10 years, he has gained knowledge and is proficient in a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, React, React Native, Ionic, Vue.js, Node.js, TailWind CSS and much more.

As a programmer, he is constantly searching for better practices while also experimenting with new things. Breno is very passionate about creating and shipping high-quality software, a desire which is complemented well by his detail-oriented nature. He is an easy-going person and enjoys working with others, helping them and always wanting to learn new things. He joined ARK as he is always looking to solve harder problems and develop new and interesting things.

He follows this motto:

“Whatever it is that you do, it should be done well. Do it once.”

In his free time, he likes to play football with friends and enjoys spending time with his family.

Please welcome Breno to the ARK Team and family. We can’t wait for him to get started and dribble away all the bugs and difficult challenges he comes across.

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