Caio Joins Our Development Squad — New Full-Stack Developer

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We are very happy to announce our newest team member and full-stack developer, Caio Alcantara. Caio will be assisting in the development of our Mobile Wallet v2 and lending a hand to other departments when needed with his vast arsenal of development skills.

As we are ramping up development across our whole fleet of products we are also bringing in new developers. The newest addition is Caio Alcantara, a full-stack developer with a particular interest and passion for mobile development. Some of his skills include NodeJS, Go, React, Javascript, GraphQL, MongoDB, Docker, PHP, Python and more…

With the upcoming surge of new projects we have in store it was evident we needed more dev power across the board. Our Mobile Wallet v2 is one of these projects that Caio will initially be tasked with. With his extensive mobile development expertise, we’ll be able to develop more quickly.

We want to simplify usability, learn from previous mistakes and shortcomings in the current mobile version and build up from this. Providing a new cleaner UI, better UX, with better test coverage for developers. Using the latest Ionic 4 framework, we want to refactor the code to be more readable and easier to get developers excited to contribute.

About Caio

Caio’s developer life started in 2011 with desktop app development. In the same year he started to play with web technologies and as such, quickly became familiar with JavaScript and PHP. Since then, his fascination has been with performance, user experience, and smart architectures.

Being a professional software developer, he has built and maintained everything ranging from news sites and e-commerce solutions to fintech software, but as mentioned previously his biggest attraction and experience has been mobile development.

When asked what’s his motto and why ARK:

“I’ve become a software engineer to provide unique experiences to the users, I love creating things that will be part of someone’s life or someone’s everyday. I chose ARK as I see it built with positive company culture, always empowering the individual’s mindset, people first approach, and the “always share” ideal. The goal is to help my colleagues grow and for me to grow as well with them. I’m excited to start and bring ARK my expertise!

Outside of programming, he loves to play games, explore new places, take pictures and scuba dive (he loves sharks).

Please welcome Caio to the ARK Team and family. We can’t wait for him to get started and hopefully not get eaten by sharks.

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