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With the unification of our design and brand across the board, it was also time to update our Paper Wallet. One thing led to another and we decided to go ahead and recode it from scratch as the old paper wallet wasn’t following the best development practices, was outdated (using old dependencies and bloated framework) and overall wasn’t in-line with our development standards.

The Paper Wallet lets you generate your own ARK address (now also supports bridgechain address generation) or obtain information about an ARK address from your previously generated passphrase in a simple and intuitive matter.

Click Here To Open ARK Paper Wallet

The whole code has been rewritten and is now using development practices and technologies we are using in other projects. The previous Paper Wallet was coded in Angular and Gulp. For the new one, we moved to Vue, Tailwind, and Webpack to be synchronized with our other products. The code is now cleaner without unnecessary bloating, dependencies and large frameworks.

Source code available at:

Our previous Paper Wallet did not work on mobile phones as it used a different entropy generator which required movement of a cursor (which isn’t available on mobile phones). The new version of the Paper Wallet is fully compatible when running on mobile phone devices.

The entropy generation of addresses is now even more random and secure (old paper wallet you had to move the mouse around to generate random bits). Entropy is now generated through More Entropy and it achieves similar results as before but without user interaction. It generates large numbers by counting how many operations it can perform in a unit of time, which fluctuates unpredictably based on other system processes and overall hardware performance.

Once generated it gives you all of the wallet information that you need in a clean and intuitive way. You are presented with the network you generated it for with the time of generation, address, passphrase and some additional information (entropy, public key and WIF). You can also scan your address or passphrase with QR scanner and can save it to your computer (it creates an image of the paper wallet and its information) or directly print it by clicking on print button.

The new version also supports generating paper wallets for other bridgechains and your custom networks by clicking “Choose network” link in the footer area.

A selection of predefined networks are available with ARK Mainnet and ARK Devnet currently added. Bridgechains that are accepted into the Powered By ARK program will be automatically included in the predefined list of networks. You can still input your own network by selecting “Want to use a custom network?”, where you will be required to input the prefix byte and WIF of the network.

The Enter a secret passphrase option can obtain information about your address from a previously generated passphrase (you can use non-BIP39 compliant passphrase as well, but it will let you know).

We recommend downloading it and running it locally from your computer.

ARK Paper Wallet download and release page:

If you run into any kind of issues or have any input on how it can be improved, please create a Github issue at:

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