ARK Is Now Available On CoinKit

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ARK is now available on CoinKit. A multi-platform and multi-currency tipping system that includes Slack, Telegram, Discord and Twitter.

CoinKit allows anyone to integrate cryptocurrency tipping in their chats and social media for free. CoinKit sports many functions including price checking, price conversion, channel tipping, multi tipping, giveaways, unlimited users and of course single user tipping.

We have included CoinKit inside our Slack and Discord, here are a few of the features:

Deposit — *The command **/deposit *shows your address.

Balance — *The command **/balance *shows your actual balance.

Tip — *The command **/tip @username amount *sends the user a tip.

Help — *The command **/tiphelp *shows you all commands.

Price — *The command **/price [coin] *shows the current price for the default or given coin.

**Channel Tip **— *The command **/tip @channel amount amountUsers *sends a tip to amountUsers in the channel.

Withdraw — *The command **/withdraw address amount *withdraws coins to the given address.

Most functions are only visible to you and not the entire channel in slack, and tipping and price checking in our discord is limited to certain channels. For a full list of functions, coins available, or to install in your own Discord, Slack, Telegram or Twitter, visit

Read our new whitepaper! Follow us on social media ( Twitter|Facebook|Reddit ), join our community ( Slack | Discord ) and stay tuned to our blog on Medium and on Steemit.

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