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August’s GitHub Bounty Program has concluded. In this post, we will go over the month's winners. Remember, the Bounties for September are already up and running so be sure to get involved if you haven’t yet!

Recently we updated our bounty structure, where we have doubled the tier rewards and also added a bit of competition to the program.

We are very grateful for those who contribute on a regular basis and are always excited to see new faces. Be sure to spread the word about our bounty program to help us get more developers involved and contributing to the ARK Ecosystem, not only improving the codebase but also giving developers a way to learn and earn.

Don’t know what this is about and want to get involved?

Please have a read at and also look at other bigger Tier 0 projects at

Here are the participants and contributors of the August 2019 Github development bounty program!

1. dated — $670 USD +20% BONUS ($134 USD) = Total: $804 USD

Number of pull requests: 23

  • feat: extended pagination 2019–08–05 15:22:06explorer#694$100 USD

  • feat: use last fee option 2019–08–09 16:00:20desktop-wallet#1363$100 USD

  • feat: show if voted delegate is not active in wallet table 2019–08–30 11:53:51desktop-wallet#1410$50 USD

  • fix(core-webhooks): cast params in condition checks 2019–08–23 11:21:42core#2887$50 USD

  • refactor: i18n module 2019–08–02 12:14:52explorer#678$50 USD

  • refactor: get wallet names in wallet selection / input address 2019–08–30 12:37:27desktop-wallet#1394$20 USD

  • chore: update footer links and icons 2019–08–05 15:32:50explorer#697$20 USD

  • fix: pass sort params to tables 2019–08–07 11:04:05explorer#700$20 USD

  • refactor: check if username exists in delegate registration form 2019–08–07 14:23:43desktop-wallet#1358$20 USD

  • fix: update wallet header on ledger disconnect 2019–08–07 14:37:49desktop-wallet#1361$20 USD

  • feat(core-api): include core version in node/configuration 2019–08–09 14:39:49core#2855$20 USD

  • fix: update ModalQrCodeScanner component 2019–08–14 08:13:37desktop-wallet#1369$20 USD

  • fix: add shadows to dark-theme and fix dark style of dropdowns 2019–08–12 15:53:01explorer#704$20 USD

  • fix: touch model after scanning passphrase and fix paper wallet parsing 2019–08–14 09:06:30desktop-wallet#1376$20 USD

  • fix: add gradients and scrolling to intro pages 2019–08–14 11:06:00desktop-wallet#1378$20 USD

  • refactor: use spread operator instead of lodash’s clone before updating profile 2019–08–14 16:55:40desktop-wallet#1381$20 USD

  • refactor: remove version remains 2019–08–16 07:15:12php-client#59$20 USD

  • fix: truncate wallet name in grid view, scroll on InputText and reload wallets after rename 2019–08–20 13:52:40desktop-wallet#1392$20 USD

  • refactor: improve passphrase detection in vendorfield 2019–08–20 16:43:16desktop-wallet#1386$20 USD

  • feat: show progress bar on route change 2019–08–23 15:18:54explorer#714$20 USD

  • fix(core-state): differentiate between wallets and delegates 2019–08–05 12:38:17core#2854$20 USD

  • test: migration to cypress 2019–08–13 08:12:35explorer#706

  • chore: fix inconsistent whitespace 2019–08–01 07:48:03docs#458

2. ciband — $160 USD + 10% BONUS ($16 USD) = Total : $176 USD

Number of pull requests: 9

  • Migrate to GTest 2019–08–20 17:06:54cpp-crypto#131$20 USD

  • chore: Update build to be out of source 2019–08–15 06:43:25cpp-client#115$20 USD

  • feat: Add debug support for VS Code 2019–08–14 03:58:12cpp-client#116$20 USD

  • chore: Remove extra copies and add const 2019–08–14 03:57:12cpp-crypto#127$20 USD

  • build: Add support for out of source build 2019–08–14 03:56:35cpp-crypto#126$20 USD

  • feat: Add debug support for VS Code 2019–08–13 16:41:22cpp-crypto#125$20 USD

  • fix: Add missing initialization for transaction version 2019–08–07 16:09:46cpp-crypto#124$20 USD

  • chore: Visual Studio Support 2019–08–07 06:57:54cpp-crypto#122$20 USD

  • chore: Add missing +x to scripts 2019–08–26 15:58:22cpp-crypto#137

3. alessiodf — $40 USD + 5% BONUS ($2 USD) = Total : $42 USD

Number of pull requests: 6

  • feat: allow plugins to go to routes 2019–08–18 13:23:09desktop-wallet#1387$20 USD

  • feat: allow use of the loader spinner in plugins 2019–08–13 18:39:13desktop-wallet#1372$20 USD

roks0n — $20 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • fix: exporting wallets on mainnet not working due to multipliedBy being undefined 2019–08–18 13:44:15desktop-wallet#1391$20 USD

Other Contributors

Special thanks to other contributors who also helped in August with pull-requests, improving documentation, fixing typos and other fixes! We are extremely happy to see our vibrant and enthusiastic community involved in the path we are walking together!


Number of pull requests: 2

  • Update Documentation Link 2019–08–25 12:24:07laravel#13

  • Update Laravel Framework Typo 2019–08–24 07:56:00docs#455


Number of pull requests: 3

  • docs(tutorials): replace with in voting guide 2019–08–24 07:52:16docs#460

  • misc: it-IT update — follows #1382 2019–08–18 14:00:10desktop-wallet#1388

  • misc: italian language update 2019–08–14 12:37:38desktop-wallet#1379


Number of pull requests: 1

  • Update 2019–08–14 10:39:01docs-deployer#5


Number of pull requests: 1

  • fix: Bugs related to amount and fee transaction inputs 2019–08–07 13:59:37desktop-wallet#1359


Number of pull requests: 2

  • Updating Javascript examples 2019–08–24 07:48:57docs#453

  • Updating Javascript Examples 2019–08–24 07:46:58docs#454


Number of pull requests: 2

  • feat: Implement AIP 103 2019–08–20 23:15:27core#2858

  • fix: how to write custom transaction compatible with develop branch 2019–08–16 12:36:13docs#461

Are there any other development bounties going on?

Yes! There is also the community-run ACF (ARK Community Fund) — read more here: ****

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