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We truly appreciate the strong and resilient community that surrounds ARK.
That’s why we want to make sure you feel like you’re a part of the action!
Follow me as I travel for ARK and document the team bringing our promising
technology to people around the world. This is the third episode of ARK
Adventures, a vlog designed to give you a front row seat to a day in the life of

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Vlog Schedule

If you are wondering how often these vlogs will come out, they will be released
as adventures happen. Because of this, they will be more spaced out than a
standard vlog that may have a new episode every day or every week. However, you
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This episode covers the team’s visit to New York City to attend Consensus NYC

  1. The team gave a special presentation on ARK at the show, made new
    connections, had private meetings, and participated in media opportunities.

Announcing the ARK Deployer

The big reveal of the trip was announcing the ARK Deployer. Launched last month
on May 28th, the ARK Deployer is a free, point-and-click blockchain creation
tool that lets developers from all walks of life design, customize and launch
their own blockchain in three simple steps. Around that time, Reddit was abuzz
with action relating to the ARK Deployer, including:

ARK Changelog Presentation

We announced the launch date of the innovative ARK Deployer on the Changelog
stage of Construct inside Consensus 2019. In our presentation, Chief Strategist
Matthew DC discussed ARK funding status, business developments, recent hires,
and partnerships. I covered ARK technological achievements, the ARK Deployer,
and gave a look into the near-term future for ARK.

BAD Crypto Podcast Interview

I had the privilege of jumping onto the BAD Crypto
along with Co-Founder Travis Walker as a
guest to talk about ARK and the new ARK Deployer. The BAD Crypto Podcast is a
long-running show with over seven million downloads over two years.

BLOCKTV Interview

I also appeared on BLOCKTV, a streaming crypto news
service, to discuss the new ARK Deployer. According to their website:

BLOCKTV is the premier televised news source for the blockchain and
cryptocurrency community. We are a live, 24/7, TV news channel dedicated to
premium reporting on the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.

Founded in 2018, BLOCKTV is focused on bringing the most reliable, real-time,
innovative, in-depth, and edgy news and updates to the blockchain technology and
cryptocurrency community globally.

Check out the full video interview

Additional Media Opportunities

Other ARK team members in attendance were also able to promote ARK on various
media outlets. ARK CEO Francois Thoorens and Chief Strategist Matthew Cox sat
down with journalists and delivered the details on the Deployer.

Meet-N-Greets and Private Meetings

During the conference, executive team members of ARK were able to hold private
meetings with various groups and organizations. While the executive ARK team
can’t say who was in these meetings, we can say that we were pleased to shake
hands with a few players and influencers in the blockchain space, including the
hosts of YouTube channels Crypto

Magical Crypto Conference

The Magical Crypto Conference is a
“pre-conference conference” that was created by four big names in the crypto
world. These four “magical crypto friends,” Charlie Lee, Samson Mow, Riccardo
Spagni, and WhalePanda, wanted a fun affordable alternative to Consensus during
NYC Blockchain Week. In the exhibition room, they even had a live bull, and a
crypto-enabled arcade game where you could team as one of the four crypto
friends, blasting enemies in a multiplayer environment.

Some big names made an appearance at the conference, and there were many booths
on the expo floor with cool items you could purchase with crypto. The Magical
Crypto Conference also had a lot of presentations and talks by industry leaders
that covered things like the Lightning Network and crypto on satellites. I
definitely thought the Magical Crypto Conference had an extra element of fun to
it that I’m sure newcomers to crypto would appreciate.

Consensus Speaker Mixer at SPYSCAPE

Since Matt and I were speaking at Consensus, we were invited to
SPYSCAPE, the interactive museum of spying. There, we
attended a mixer along with other Consensus speakers. This was definitely one of
the cooler aspects to the trip, and I encourage you to visit yourself if you
ever find yourself in New York City. The museum tested and profiled you,
teaching you all about the shrouded world of covert ops. Their interactive
exhibits really draw you into the experience.

More Adventures to Come

2019 has in store more opportunities for adventures just like this. Keep it
locked on to stay involved in the
action. Do you have an idea for an ARK Adventure? Let me know on,
or by contacting me @ doubled1c3.

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