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for now ... ARK and STEEM are difficult to buy by prospective new users. if I open the process their reason is too difficult to accept. Indonesia is not like other countries. like the danaku method. maybe they can because it's only one road ... but honestly, a program like that is not an interesting thing because we cannot create reciprocity or commonly called mutual benefit.

Ok, here we know that ARK and STEEM are strengths, but it would be nice to use them, as an interesting method. let's go together don't cover what we can ....
I learned from the insights I have ever known ... everyone will surely follow the game if the process is easy. both investment and withdrawal of investment.

this is one example, it could be said that a fraudulent investment program:
many people who follow the game because it's easy ...
because the investment process is very easy. but unfortunately the program is just fraudulent. many people are deceived. by that program
as a result of the program many people are at risk of losing their money. and not return.
it's a glimpse of an example in Indonesia. people with small economies dare to take part in such a program. what are the people with large economies.
I am sure if there is a public field management team. the real world of the future Crypto ARK-STEEM will be bright, I'm sure the steemit platform is good, so is ARK.
we have to go down the field for promotion right and introduce to those who don't know what the Crypto ARK-STEEM world is ... don't forget to tell a little education what you know about ARK-STEEM
with a note, don't try them to make a big investment. they will stay away from what promotion you are promoting..

one more ... the task that has come to mind for me ... how can someone easily buy ARK and STEEM just 1 step???

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good crypto

Nice post my husband @syarrf 👍😊