My Evaluation of Ark, Cryptocurrency ICO

in ark •  2 years ago 

ARK is the blockchain that seeks to build in so many different services to so many people, that a large, worldwide population actually adopts their currency on a consumer level. They see themselves as the team that will usher in mass adoption. Ambitious and inspiring. Let’s look into the details:

Oh, neat. To get around scalability issues they have 51 elected delegates to take on centralized verification and consensus responsibilities. Complete dealbreaker if you’re looking for mass adoption. I would call this venture overwhelmingly speculative.

Minimum viable product: Brobdingnagian NO.

of developers: mmmkk so they want to change the face of the earth and the very character of human economic activity by being the Big Bang of mass adoption, so how many developers do they hire? ONE. Fuck this snow job.

Big players: none. Hippie with a beard.

Story: too clever by half. Will fool a bunch of nitwits but there’s nothing behind this.


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