Pedo sex child trafficking camp in Arizona Tucson? Operation Backyard Brawl

in #arizona2 years ago

"A group of veterans, who scour bridges and washes to find and aid fellow veterans who are homeless, discovered what appears to be an encampment holding area for children sold as sex slaves". From my part, I'm trying to expose a huge pedo scandal not only in Poland, combined with electronic harassment, V2K, gang stalking, silencing by many of "christian" community: clergy, "journalists", police, "law" enforcement and the ultimate weapon of intimidation - weaponised psychiatry, as a tool of discreditation. What I discovered is one of biggest scandal in Poland now. It is related to gang stalking tactic and electronic harassment and the use of such tecniques by clergy. I'm in phase of preparing materials. THEIR PHONES ARE UNDER CONSTANT INTERCEPT SYSTEM!!! Police know all their moves! THOSE PEOPLE - VETERNAS - ARE ON NON STOP MOST HORRIFIC ACTION of very huge program: intercepting phones, camera intercepting, electronic weapons, directed energy weapons. Facebook: Twitter: Steemit: Blogger: https://gang3stalking3victim-survive.... PayPal: #Operation Backyard Brawl, #Child Trafficking Network in #Tucson, #WhereAreTheChildren, #Veterans on Patrol Uncover, #Arizona Child Trafficking, Arizona in Tucson, #pedoring, #CEMEX, #Veterans on Patrol, #US Veterans Uncover Underground Bunker Possibly Used for Child Trafficking Camp In Arizona,

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