Judge the Errl Cup!

in arizona •  3 months ago 

Only you can decide #arizonas best #mmj. 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ We need you to analyze hundreds of #strains, #vapes, #edibles and more, then to #award AZ's best #cannabis producers with the #ErrlCup!

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Hey, it is good to see some one else from Arizona. This is a great piece of info. Would you like to join me on my podcast #CHRONICandCOFFEE on #GREENHOUSERADIOONLINE to speak some more about it?


2018-08-28_20-59-46_img.jpg We are based here .


Im sure we can make it work! Email [email protected]


https://discord.gg/SavEMZV This is a link to our discord where we host the radio shows. CANNA CURATE

I bet people at @canna-curate could help you with that. We have some members in Arizona.

Shared this post here on steemit and facebook in the CANNA CURATE group page.