The Arisen Constitution V1

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All, I wanted to be the first to present version 1.0 of the Arisen Constitution to the Arisen community. This Constitution will launch off as a smart contract on the Arisen Network's public mainnet, when all 21 initial governance members begin verifying transactions on the network in a few weeks. We have worked hard to make sure that all user's rights were protected, while also keeping the network clean of any illegal activity. In the words of Stan Larimer - "the code is the law" and that was the simple, yet powerful idea behind this Constitution. Arisen's multichain creates a decentralized digital democracy, where users can enjoy their basic human rights of free speech, ownership, freedom of expression, innovation and more. More importantly, these basic, yet crucial human rights are impossible for others to take away, due to these rights being programmatically created and backed by the people of the network who require those rights to live a normal life.

Arisen's digital democracy allows for We The People to vote on the representatives that we choose to represent us. Although, when those representatives that we elect refuse to do their job or go against our core ideals, we don't have to wait until the next election to remove them from their post. We can rally as a community within minutes of their actions, in order to vote in another candidate who is better suited for the job, by simply pulling our vote and giving it to a different Governance candidate of our choice. Arisen is a democracy that literally operates in real time and a democracy works for the people, way better, when it operates that way.

While Arisen is based on the EOSIO software, we have done some major work to it over the past year and there are some major differences in how our Governance model will work (I'll explain that in a future post). Although, Arisen and EOSIO are considered sister-chains and will eventually interoperate with each other (which will probably cause a few amendments to be added in the future), the differences in our Governance model called for a completely different Constitution. We also have separated the Arisen Constitution from the Block Producer Agreement and the User Agreement, because we believe the rights of the elected Governance members and the users of our network are serious and we have taken the time to make sure those rights are protected for any user, of any age, who chooses to utilize the Arise network in any capacity.

Below is the first iteration of the Arisen Constitution. I'm sure there are many areas we can improve in this and I hope we can team together as a community, to build a Constitution that works for all of us, because if it doesn't, the Arisen Network won't be what we want it to be -- a homestead for those who truly want to keep and utilize their God-given rights to liberty, freedom and happiness.

  • Jared Rice Sr.


We The People Of The Sovereign Arisen Network, in order to form a global decentralized community, substantiate genuine justice, insure uninterrupted freedom, further our collective prosperity and defend our God-given rights to liberty and happiness, ordain and establish this Constitution Of The Sovereign Arisen Network, through a Ricardian smart contract.

Article I - The Arisen Governance

Section 1 - Establishment Of the Governance

All powers and abilities herein granted shall be vested in the Governance of The Arisen Network, which shall consist of twenty-one elected members.

Section 2 - Election Of Governance Members

The twenty-one elected members of the Governance shall be elected through a constantly changing and immutable election system , where people of the Arisen Network shall have the right to change their candidate(s) of choice at anytime, where their change in vote is immediately reflected publicly, across the entire Network.

Section 3 - Impeachment and Vacancy Of Governance Members

The sole power of impeachment, as it pertains to elected members of the Governance, rests with the People of the Network, since Governance members are elected through a constantly running and updating election system. Therefore, the power to remove an elected member of the Governance, rests solely with the voters of the Network.

Elected Governance members shall never have the delegated power to remove other elected members. If vacancies occur, Governance candidates in positions 21-30 in the election polls, shall take over the duties of any vacant Governance seat.

Section 4 - Requirements For Governance Candidates

There shall be no requirements to be elected to the Governance. All Governance members are elected to represent the People of the Network and their collective interests. Regardless of a candidate's criminal history, past occurrences, relationships, affiliations, financial holdings, beliefs or opinions, any Person can announce their candidacy to the Network and can be elected to the Governance, as long as it is the will of the People.

Section 5 - Governance Powers & Duties

Elected Governance members shall have the following delegated powers and duties:

  • The duty to verify all financial and data-based transactions broadcasted over the Network by running an Arisen "supernode".
  • The power to remove or blacklist any content or data that is associated with illegal activities (See Article 3, Section 2), by majority vote (15 of 21 votes).
  • The power to freeze accounts by majority vote (15 of 21 votes).
  • The power to permanently remove currencies from circulation.
  • The power to petition and vote on Amendments to this Constitution.
  • The Judicial power of the Network shall be vested in the Governance and extend to all judicial cases in law and equity arising under this Constitution.

Section 6 - Governance Compensation

Of the 5% inflation of RSN (The Arisen Currency - See Article 2, Section 2), 1% is paid to the elected Governance members. Of that 1%, 25% is paid on a per-block creation basis. This shall be counted as compensation for the services Governance members provide to the people and DAOs of the Network.

Article II - The Arisen Currency (RSN)

Section 1 - Initial Distribution

70% of the initial RSN, shall be distributed to users around the world, another 10% to the founding Governance members, another 10% to the Arisen VC fund and the remaining 10% to members of the Arisen Treasury. This means 20% of the RSN in circulation will be owned by 27 users. 70% will be spread out to a multitude of users around the world and the remaining 10% will be used to fund new Network initiatives decided on by the People of the Network.

Section 2 - Inflation

Inflation of RSN's currency shall be set at 5%. 20% of this shall be used to pay Governance members, as well as standby Governance members, with the remainder going to the "" account.

Section 3 - Valuation of Currency

Entities on the Network shall never use centralized oracles to value RSN's currency inside the network. RSN's intrinsic value shall be determined from the buy and sell orders between peers via decentralized exchanges hosted natively on the Network.

Article III - The Arisen Network

Section 1 - Network Abuse

The Governance has the power to "retire" any smart contract that is being utilized to slow or abuse the network, generally. The Governance can retire smart contracts and/or accounts that slow or abuse the network for the following reasons:

  • decentralized applications and/or decentralized websites that store all application-based data on-chain, rather than utilizing off-chain services, thereby using up unnecessary on-chain resources.
  • contract(s) and account(s) used for the purposes of fraudulent/illegal activity.
  • contract(s) used for DOS attacks.
  • contract(s) used as a honeypot.
  • contract(s) or account(s) used to generate many value-less transactions, with the intention of slowing the Network.

Section 2 - Illegal Activities

The Governance reserves the right to remove all Arisen-based dTLDs, blacklist any related dWeb addresses or freeze any accounts that are utilized for illegal activities. The Governance will also investigate information received from any/all law enforcement agencies, pertaining to illegal activities on the Network. These activities include:

  • the illegal sale of drugs, pornography, weapons, counterfeit money or illicit activity thereof.
  • the illegal distribution of pornography.
  • any activity, relating to or consisting of fraud, illegal schemes and money laundering.
  • anything that can be construed as potential terrorist activity or threats to the security of other users.
  • any theft related to RSN or other tokens on the Network.
    Community members and foreign government officials shall have the right to report illegal activities to the Governance at any time.

Section 3 - Enhancement Proposals & Community Funding

Community initiatives shall be announced through community petitions. All petitions for community endeavors can be brought forth by community members. These petitions shall be known as ANPs or Arisen Petitions. This system shall allow communal funds to be used to support Network enhancements, community projects or anything the community feels is deserving of public funding. This system shall be funded by a portion of inflation.

Section 4 - Smart Contracts

All smart contracts on the Arisen Network must include a human-readable contract that defines the intention of a computer-readable contract. These human-readable smart contracts are also referred to as "Ricardian Contracts". Contracts must also be open-sourced on GitHub and linked to a dWeb-based peer-to-peer distributed repository for community and Governance review purposes.

Article IV - Bill Of User's Rights

Section 1 - Freedom of Speech, Expression and the Press

No member of the Governance shall ever have the right to remove any content or data related to the free expression of others. All users of the overall Network have the right to the freedom of speech or of the press. Although, users may not threaten violence against another user. The Governance has the right to ban users who threaten other users.

Section 2 - Protection From Illegal Seizures

If digital assets on the Network are effectively seized by outside governments, the Governance will reverse such actions, to protect the digital assets of Arisen's community members. Even if an outside government alleges fraudulent activities against an Arisen Network user, that is for the Governance to ultimately investigate and penalize the associated fraudulent user(s) for. In a scenario where fraud is involved, this allows community members to receive their digital assets back within a few days’ time, rather than waiting a year or more for an outside government's court process.

Section 3 - Right To Petition

Users of the Network have the right to petition the Governance for network improvements, grievances and all other types of requests or issues that pertain to the Network. The Governance are required to vote on requests and are also required to respond to all submitted issue-based petitions.

Section 4 - Right To Innovate

Developers and users of the Network have the right to innovate anything on the network. The Arisen Network isn't managed, owned or controlled by anyone. Nor can or does the Network own or operate any competing ideas. All developers and users on the Network have the right to freely innovate, whatever they're capable of innovating, without any possible recourse from the Network. Any user or developer on the Network who does take any sort of legal action can be banned from the network by the Governance for such actions.

Section 5 - Right To Join

Anyone has the right to join the Arisen Network, regardless of any race, sex or religion.

ARTICLE V - Amendments
The Governance has the delegated power to create and vote on amendments to this Constitution. For amendments to be made to this Constitution, the Governance must have at least 15 of the 21 elected members vote for the amendment. Any Governance member can submit Drafted Amendment Proposals (DAPs) to other Governance members. Users of the community can also propose amendments, through ANPs, although only Governance members can submit DAPs.

This Constitution is hereby ratified by the initial Arisen Governance.