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We're proud to announce that the Arisen account creation service is live at! Account creation fees are sponsored by our supporters over at @peeps so that anyone, anywhere can create an account on Arisen's network. Our signup service will easily generate your keys (both owner/active permission levels) and will help you in reserving a username by checking which usernames are available on the network. Be mindful that signups will only be free for the first 45 days. Soon account creation fees will have to be covered by paying with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, EOS, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Creating an account should self-explanatory, although, if you need help creating an account, please head over to the Arisen Telegram Room and ask one of community members to help out.

What's Next?

Arisen Tools

We're in the process of launching the Arisen developer tools suite for developers who are looking to develop on top of the Arisen blockchain. That should be launching in the next few days. Check in the community or here for launch updates.

Arisen Website

In just a few days, we're going to launch the first initial website for Arisen, which will expand over time. We have worked hard the past year on developing a website that shares our story, our technology and where we're going from here.

13 New Tokens

We are in the process of debuting 13 new tokens for 13 new dApps that are currently under development by the Peeps team. We will soon announce the names and ticker symbols of those tokens once they appear on the network.


The first Arisen Improvement Proposal is set to launch any day now (AIP-001) for the new "DRAIN" (Distributing Requests Across Interoperable Nodes) blockchain client for interacting with the Arisen network over the dweb:// and bench:// protocols. DRAIN will help decentralize Arisen's network completely and provide a true alternative to using Arisen over centralized network addressing and the HTTP protocol. Read more regarding this proposal on GitHub.

Arisen 1.1.0 Update

We're currently working on Arisen's 1.1.x release, where we will officially be up to date with EOS' most stable version, before moving on to Arisen 1.2.x release, where Arisen will officially begin to separate itself from the EOS protocol and standards so that the network can be truly decentralized and interoperable with DRAIN-based nodes. More on this in a few days.

Mobile Wallet

Development of an Arisen multicurrency mobile wallet is underway for iOS and Android devices. We're hoping to have the first BETA released in the next 30 days or so.

RSN/RSN-token (BitShares) Exchange

The Peeps team is currently working on an application that is very similar to BlockTrades, for exchanging native RSN (from Arisen's network) for RSN's token (on BitShares' network) and vice versa, instantly. We're working on releasing aExchange in the coming weeks!

As a team, we're pulling off the impossible. As hard as it is to work in this environment, I'm proud of what we continue to accomplish together. Thanks to all who have taken part in everything we have done up until today. While we have a long way to go, we've gone farther than I think anyone ever thought we would.

I love you all.


Whoo hoo!!!

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