Arisen Community Update #1

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On a weekly basis, we're going to issue numbered community updates so that we can keep the Arisen community up-to-date on the happenings surrounding Arisen's core software, ArisenCoin's legal status, new community and developer tools as well as developer resources and community-based dApp news/launches.

My name is Shikhar Srivastava, the lead developer of the Arisen and dWeb projects and I'll be updating you guys every single week right here on Steemit and Medium on all things Arisen. Being that this is the first official update, it will be longer than usual. That's because we have many updates for the community and many things are in motion on the network itself.

All of the updates are explained in several sections below:

I. The Satoshi Foundation
Before Jared Rice Sr. handed the Arisen project over to a group of developers and blockchain thought-leaders, he wanted to ensure that he had the ability to handpick the core development team handling all of the software related to the Arisen and dWeb projects. He also wanted the right to name the foundation and choose its initial leadership. Due to some personal announcements and Rice's upcoming book "No Coincidence", he elected to name the foundation "The Satoshi Foundation", brought on developers from the DevGenesis team and chose Michael Taggart (@michaelx) and Stan Larimer (@stan) as the voices for the Arisen community, as well as the foundation.

Over the course of the next week, you will begin to see ALL LICENSES and COPYRIGHT information update to "The Satoshi Foundation". The Satoshi Foundation will be registered in the Cayman Islands and is being established by several anonymous community members.

II. ArisenCoin (RSN) Legal Opinion
The Satoshi Foundation's legal team is currently in contact with several top law firms like Perkins Coei, as well as several others, to seek a written legal opinion that ArisenCoin (RSN) is NOT a security. This legal opinion is required to get RSN listed on the several cryptocurrency exchanges that Arisen's legal team is in the process in applying with for RSN's official placement. The foundation will be posting the full legal opinion as soon as it is received and officially approved for public consumption. Even though ArisenCoin (RSN) was never sold to anyone and will be given away for free around the world, the opinion that ArisenCoin isn't a security, will still be needed for exchange placement and we're working diligently to comply with all requirements put forth by any and all exchange platforms that the foundation is currently reaching out to.

III. Third-Party Software Audit
Some exchanges require Arisen's blockchain software to be audited by a third-party software assessment company that specialize in blockchain software audits, to insure that Arisen's software and network are completely secure, without back doors and is as decentralized as advertised. This audit will take place after the upcoming release of Arisen 1.0.0, which I will cover in Section IV of this community update.

We're very focused on Arisen's technology, as we separate ourselves from the EOS vision and move towards our own vision for a completely decentralized world. It's important that the community and exchanges alike, trust that the developments surrounding the project are not only ideal but without backdoors or hidden agendas. Arisen is an open source project but we also want to be as transparent as we possibly can. Community members are also welcomed to audit all Arisen releases and release those results to the community at-large. We welcome any and all third-party software audits and will even post those audits on the Arisen website.

IV. Arisen's 1.0.0 "Patriot" Release
The long awaited release of Arisen 1.0.0, a/k/a "Patriot" is upon us, as the Arisen core development team has started the process of pushing the 1.0.0 update to Arisen's official GitHub repository. Patriot is considered to be a major release and features many changes to Arisen's core software. I want to cover some of those features and changes below, some of which derive from the work of the blockone_devops team and the EOSIO 2.0.1 release.

Before the major Patriot release, we're releasing Arisen's 0.10.10 release in the next few days, that of which features a major consensus protocol upgrade. This means all nodes will have to upgrade from Arisen's BETA release to the 0.10.10 release within 72 hours of the release. Once the protocol upgrade has been accepted by BPs on the network, we will be releasing the major 1.0.0-Patriot release of Arisen. We are releasing instructions on the 0.10.10 upgrade, as well as official documentation on how to upgrade block producer nodes on the network when the new release is pushed publicly on GitHub.

Arisen's current BETA version uses v1 of pSnaps (Portable Snapshots), whereas the 0.10.10 release and the 1.0.0 release use v2 of pSnaps. This means all nodes on the network will have to do a hard-replay of all blockchain data from the genesis block, before the protocol upgrade is activated by BPs on the network. Otherwise, nodes on the network that are not running the 0.10.10 update, will be ignored as block producers and will be unable to produce blocks. The protocol upgrade must be seamless and coordinated between block producers - something all BPs will be working on this week. We're working hard to make sure that this process is thoroughly tested as well through the "Jefferson" test network (explained in Section VII.) prior to its official release.

V. Air Drop dApp Development
Development of Arisen's Air Drop system is underway and you can follow the development at The Air Drop is set to begin on February 19th, 2020.

You will be able to take part in the Air Drop via the following link, on February 19th, 2020 at 12:00:01AM:

Just in case you haven't heard, we're giving away 500 RSN for free to everyone who joins and we hope to bring at least 1 million new accounts to the network through a massive marketing campaign that will take place over the next few weeks.

We will keep you up to date on all developments regarding the free RSN giveaway via the Arisen Steemit and Arisen Medium pages.

VI. aExchange dApp Development
Since RSN was originally distributed via the BitShares network in a "tokenized" format and RSN's native format exists on the Arisen network, there had to be a way to move RSN from the BitShares network to the Arisen network and vice-versa. We have started development of a web application called aExchange or aEx for short, that was designed to help users easily move RSN from one blockchain to another. For now, RSN only exists in a tokenized format on the BitShares network and in its native format on Arisen. With aExchange's BETA release in early March, users will be able to move RSN from BitShares to Arisen and from Arisen back to BitShares. There are no exchange fees and exact amounts of RSN are moved from chain to chain.

We are open sourcing the code for aExchange here: You can also read more about how aExchange works in the

We plan on issuing RSN on EOS, Ethereum and TRON in the coming weeks, so that users these networks can move RSN from chain to chain.

VII. Jefferson Test Network
We're officially launching the Jefferson public "Testnet" which can be utilized by developers to test smart contracts and new features as we roll out new Arisen releases. We're also using the Jefferson Testnet to help roll out future releases so Jefferson will typically be running newer versions of aOS before Arisen's actual mainnet.

You will soon be able to access Jefferson's public API via and will also be able to explore the Jefferson network via Jefferson's own blockchain explorer. We will be releasing a link to the Jefferson blockchain explorer very soon.

VIII. Arisen Website & Official Arisen Documentation
We're going to be launching a new website that showcases the core development, marketing, legal and advisor team behind Arisen, the core mission of the project, official Arisen downloads, Arisen's official documentation, as well as the Arisen story. We are still actively working on the website and will keep you updated on its official launch date. The website's current homepage features a countdown until the official launch date of the Arisen Air Drop. I will keep the community updated on all movements surrounding Arisen's website launch.

Our core development team is building out documentation for the 0.10.10 and 1.0.0 releases. The current BETA release will not feature documentation, since there were so many changes between BETA, 0.10.10 and 1.0.0-patriot, documentation would be a waste. Documentation will launch officially in the next week or so. I will be posting a live link to all documentation regarding Arisen's core software.

IX. RSN Coin Distribution Plan & Claims Process
We have been working hard while attempting to distribute RSN to all of those who originally purchased AriseCoin during the AriseBank ICO so that contributors could receive 4x the amount of ArisenCoin than they would have received via the ICO. Jared has been working hard on an official distribution plan that he will release to the foundation in the coming days. That distribution plan will be posted to the Arisen Steemit & Medium pages as soon as it is approved by Arisen's legal team.

We have also been working on a claims process for those who have yet to receive RSN. The claims form is now LIVE at the following link: claims form. With this we can ensure all of those who originally purchased AriseCoin (ACO), receive ArisenCoin (RSN). That is our number one goal right now and we appreciate all of those who have been patient with the foundation throughout the refund process. Currently most of those who purchased ACO with BTS have received RSN in the BitShares account that was used to purchase ACO during the AriseBank ICO. Those who purchased with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, will have to go through the official claims process. Their coins will forever be available in the @refund account on Arisen, so that even if someone is late to make a claim, the foundation can make sure they receive their RSN. For example, if a person finds out about this claims process in a year from now, their coins will have already been placed in the @refund account, since the total amount of contributions multiplied by four, will soon exist in the @refund account on the Arisen network, totaling 4 times the amount contributed to the original AriseBank ICO.

X. ArisenBank - The New Arisen Core Wallet
If you made it this far into our announcement, I'm glad you did. Otherwise you would have missed the best part of the announcement itself. We're rolling out the release of Arisen's new core wallet, which will officially replace aVote as the core wallet on the Arisen network. We call it "ArisenBank". The ArisenBank wallet will allow users to manage their Arisen account, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and TRON accounts. This project is not to be confused with the ongoing development of the dBnk decentralized banking dApp being developed by the Peeps team.

More updates on the ArisenBank release will be coming over the next weeks.

XI. The Next Few Weeks
The next few weeks are going to be crazy. As you may have noticed, our marketing has yet to begin so if you're reading this post, you're probably one of the lucky few who even know this project exists. Jared goes and gets sentenced in federal court on February 19th, 2020, which by no coincidence is the same day many things like the air drop launch on the network. As AriseBank is placed across the news, we will be spreading the word about the Arisen network launch and the truth behind the Arisen project to the world. Our massive advertising campaign will be taking place over the next few weeks as well - so prepare yourselves for the Arisen revolution. It's finally upon us.

Make sure you follow Arisen on all of its new social media profiles:


Awesome work guys :) Proud of every single person involved here. To epic times ahead :) #freedomforJared

TRON is scam , if you create a token on its network , your reputation will be equal to 0 after all the process with the SEC calling you scammers , jared and Jail , now you come to create a token on TRON with million of scam dapps and gambling ... BRAVO

The refund process to the initial investors has not been correct. You are giving x4 the amount of ACO designated to the contribution, but the value of RSN does not reach 0.01 of ACO, we are not happy with that either.