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Development of the Arionum platform is alive and well. The Arionum developers are hard at work making this PHP blockchain platform the best possible solution for those looking for a easily implementable and stable, reliable blockchain ecosystem written entirely from scratch in PHP.

With that said we would like to address the current state of Arionum with an end of March Roadmap Update. You can find copies of the Roadmap on the official Arionum Discord and the Bitcointalk ANN post (links below). Let's take a look at where we stand today:

Current Roadmap

1. Creation of the Blockchain Explorer - COMPLETE
  • The Arionum Blockchain Explorer provides the ability to view the current status of the Blockchain, difficulty, current block, transactions, wallet balances, and other Blockchain statistics.

  • It is operational and can be found here

2. Launch of an Arionum Mining pool -COMPLETE
  • A mining pool allows for a group of individual miners to combine their efforts and spread the block reward amongst the group.

  • There are currently 2 official Arionum pools; the original Arionum mining pool,, and the pool dedicated to optimising the block reward for small miners.
    The code for the Arionum mining pool has also been released. There are two active community built pools,, and

3. Creation of a Windows PHP bundle - COMPLETE
  • This bundle was created to bundle a command line wallet and functional PHP Miner into a package that could be easily installed on a Windows machine. It can be downloaded here
4. Windows GUI Wallet - COMPLETE
  • The GUI wallet allows for the storage and transfer of ARO coins utilizing an easy to use graphical interface. It can be downloaded here

  • The GUI wallet has been continuously updated and even includes a no hassle, integrated mining client that can be launched in seconds.

5. Release of full API - COMPLETE
  • The API allows for easy integration of Arionum blockchain information into other applications or tools.

  • The API documentation can be found here

6. Blockchain based Raffle -COMPLETE
  • This is a trustless raffle built on the Arionum blockchain. Users can enter the raffle by sending ARO to the raffle address. Once a week three winners are randomly chosen by the application to receive ARO based on the number of entries. You can enter here
7. Development of Bitcoin-like JSON-RPC API - IN PROGRESS
  • This API will allow Arionum to be more easily implemented on exchanges in the future. The Arionum Devs are currently hard at work developing this API to improve the process to be listed on a Cryptocurrency exchange.
8. Linux GUI Wallet - FUTURE TASK
  • This will be a GUI wallet similar to the Windows version.
9. Mac OS GUI Wallet - FUTURE TASK
  • This will be a GUI wallet similar to the Windows version.
10. Android Wallet - FUTURE TASK
  • An Arionum wallet build for the Android mobile OS.
11. iOS Wallet - FUTURE TASK
  • An Arionum wallet built for the Apple iOS mobile OS.
12. Assets System - FUTURE TASK
  • The Arionum Assets System will allow developers to utilize the Arionum blockchain in their own applications without the necessity of coding smart contracts or creating a new blockchain.
13. Alias System - FUTURE TASK
  • The Alias System will allow individuals to assign a name or alias to their wallet address. For example a user could name their wallet “ArionumRules” and use that alias instead of the wallet address.
14. Payment Processor - FUTURE TASK
  • The Arionum Payment Processor will allow for the Arionum to be easily accepted by merchants as a form of payment.
15. Add to Exchanges - FUTURE TASK
  • The listing of Arionum on exchanges will allow for greater accessibility of ARO coins and create more awareness of Arionum.

  • The Devs are currently in contact with exchanges discussing the possibility of listing.

16. Directory of Sites Accepting ARO - FUTURE TASK
  • This will be a continually updated list of all merchants accepting ARO as a form of payment.

We will continue to provide periodic updates on the Arionum Roadmap progress and relay any changes to our current Roadmap. Stay tuned for more info!


If you'd like to learn more about Arionum, checkout the links below and follow us on all of our social channels.

Official Website
Bitcoin Talk ANN


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