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1986 world cup winner Argentina


Friends in front of the World Cup in front of Russia, so in front of this World Cup I will review some teams and try to tell you about their history,
Today I will talk about one of the world's favorite favorites and one of the best countries in Argentina, how Argentina did it,
, and how Argentina won the World Cup and Argentina had so advanced Argentina,
Overall Argentina won the World Cup,

one of them was the 1986 World Cup winner of Diego Maradona, which was the world wizard of the football magician.

In this World Cup final,
Argentine Diego Maradona and Germany beat Argentina 3-2 in the 11th extraordinary match of Germany,After winning 86 World Cup in 1990, Argentina was playing with Germany in the 1990 World Cup,
,but one of the world's most controversial finals was lost for a referee, Argentina could not win the final of its controversial decision.Since 1990,


Argentina has not been in a discussion, since then Lionel Messi has become the lioness Messi.

Going to the World Football Fan of FIFA World Cup 2018 World Cup Lionel Messi will be able to overcome the Argentine World Cup, everyone is looking forward to Lionel Messi, we all want Lionel Messi to give Argentina gifts to the World Cup,,, be countiniou,,,,, # header


your writing is right sir,,i love argentina

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