The DAO incident, Ardor(or NXT) and the whole confusion

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It is no secret cryptocurrency with the rise of altcoins has shown great potential the last two quarters. Exponential rise of the DASH which touched more than 110 USD on several days of last quarter. Monero's counter doubled while Ripple's quadrupled. Ethereum, the prodigal son showed its true colors and touched a whooping 50 USD. Ethereum had saw its first setback in 'The DAO incident', the ambitious child chain which fell right on its face within 1 month of its release due to a glitch, losing $150m+ in the heist. Midst this NXT and the token distributed by holding it has been quietly adapting and evolving.

What to buy NXT or ARDR?

“Rather than providing smart contracts, NXT is focused on implementing the important use cases and functions directly into the core of both Nxt and Ardor. This approach has proven to be scalable and secure and will become more so when Ardor is released” – Riker

NXT offers asset exchange so the ability to create tokens or trade in existing ones, it is also a data could which is protected by the blockchain; exclusive only to the owner of the address and there is a voting system as well. These features provided by it is a mixed bag of some of the most famous crypto-currencies including MAID, SIA, AUGUR, FCT and so on.
It is all very confusing to understand and it doesn't really offer any value today and bitcoin still looms majorly in the dark unknown side of the world.

The Ardor main chain will be where transaction processing for all child chains, including Ignis, will happen. The reason why transactions on the main chain will be minimized is to deal with the blockchain bloat issue. This issue is also addressed in the feature that child chain transactions will be pruned after a snapshot every 1440 blocks (~24 hours). However, child chains can choose to have all transaction details recorded through the use of an archival node.

Novice programmers are always fascinated by the real world objects, class and for me it has to functions, the first pyramid of stars, Sigh! Ardor does something like that, it is like the main of the program, the body with all the visceral organs but arms and legs; heart, lungs, liver. The object and functions or the amrs and limbs is what will happen to NXT or it's clone IGNIS in the future. IGNIS is first child chain which incorporates all the features of NXT.

The master-piece is now complete. One can trade in dollars, bitcoins, or their own assets, create voting and crowdfunding episodes all in accordance with their conditions. The inner functions keep on doing their job while the main() organizes their execution. The arm continues to yield as the brain demands and the heart pushes.

The future?

Everyone dreams of the one dollar coin, the ten dollar Ethereum or current community pushed PIVX. After the flutter of the DAO, Ethereum had increased two fold reaching almost 25 dollars. The ARDR will release in the third quarter of this year. The test is already showing promise and has pumped the price to almost double it's value. There is always uncertainty in change. Let's see how this one pans out to be.

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Very good article. Same thoughts here. Cryptos will probably go through a more extreme pattern that bitcoin went though. High ups and high downs before it becomes stable. We really need more insights in the market and previous investment results. Besides there is: This site is really helpful in my coin research. I don't know any other sites with so much indepth analysis. Check: For a complete Nxt Detailed analysis.