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Augmented reality is an information technology based on combining visible reality and virtual reality through complex computer devices. It has practical utilitarian applications, such as providing real-time information to surgeons, soldiers, drivers and people of many other professions who need to make quick decisions. And at the same time, it has many applications for entertainment, advertising and just plain consumerism. Based on this technology, "magic mirrors" are developed, allowing any person to see themselves with a different hairstyle or in different clothes. It is used by interior designers to visualize the furniture layout in the virtual version of an apartment or a room. Finally, games based on augmented reality, such as Pokemon Go, have already gained widespread popularity.

The technology of augmented reality has many uses, and advertising is one of them. This technology solves a number of problems, however, it is capable of raising problems as well. Therefore, a well-designed system of technologies in the field of augmented reality is needed, which would solve the greatest number of problems. Arcona is proposed as such a technological system. 

The role of cryptocurrency in the Arcona system is enormous. Arcona is planned as a comprehensive and universal environment in which it is possible to register the right to place augmented reality objects on sites, purchase and sale of these sites. Cryptocurrency or Arcona token plays the role of a monetary unit for which these trades will be carried out. In addition, all services related to maintaining the augmented reality objects in the Arcona system will be paid by this cryptocurrency.

In addition to the cryptocurrency, the Arcona system also includes the following components:

    • AR Viewer - the main program for the end user, designed to observe the augmented reality objects through various devices. The program is planned as multiplatform and compatible with almost any device available on the market: glasses, a smartphone and others.

    • Automated Modeling System is a program for calculating the location of a user relative to different virtual objects. This invisible program takes up most of the computing work.

    • Smart Contract - an electronic wallet for the Arcona cryptocurrency, intended for any payments or transactions both inside the system and outside it (such as exchanging the Arcona token for other cryptocurrency or ordinary currency).

The Arcona Team

The developers of Arcona is the Russian company PilgrimXXI. This company has been working in the field of augmented reality for several years, and already has considerable experience in the field of new technologies combining virtual and physical reality. Over the past four years, PilgrimXXI has launched a number of entertainment parks based on Augmented Reality technology in various countries around the world. The company also developed a technology for using a special augmented reality headset for a conventional smartphone of any model. Since 2015, the company has been improving various technologies used to create an augmented reality, such as artificial intelligence and its application to 3D modelling, as well as geo-information. All these technologies formed the basis of the Arcona system, the key innovation of which was the combination of these technologies with blockchain technology. PilgrimXXI cooperates with such strong corporations as Google, Microsoft and Intel, as well as with the Russian innovation fund Skolkovo.

Project Development Program

The sale of Arcona cryptocurrency is a campaign for the collective financing of the deployment of a future system of augmented reality. After the bulk of the tokens are sold, the creation of an augmented reality ecosystem will begin, full functionality will be provided to AR Viewer and the trade of sites will be opened using Arcona tokens. The final stage of the project will be the creation of auctions in which Arcona tokens will be available for the purchase of sites for placing objects of augmented reality.

Here are some data on the implementation of the Arcona token. The token itself is based on Ethereum, and its initial exchange rate to Ethereum is known. It is just 0.0025 ETH, which is convenient and allows even a beginner to invest. The minimum package of tokens to be purchased is 10, and the total amount is 135,000,000. The sale of the tokens is already going on, with the ICO activities over in early 2018. Sixty per cent of the total amount of tokens is available for sale; the rest are reserved for the intra-system use and other technical activities.

Arcona is an open-source project, which allows every holder of the tokens to be given access to the source code and potentially modify it or submit their own versions. Holding tokens grants access to the intra-system voting and decision making.


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