Arcona : The Superior Augmented Reality Ecosystem Based On The Blockchain Technology

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Hello friends, today we are going to introduce a fantastic project that is going to make you believe in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the days of uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market. As the virtual reality, a brand-new developing technology has become the part of our daily life, Arcona team has come up with an exciting project that will foster the Augmented Reality (AR) as well as blockchain technology. Arcona essentially builds an ecosystem which combines the virtual world and the real world utilizing the blockchain technology. The team aims to introduce a sophisticated Digital Land as the unique Augmented Reality layer offering the user-friendly interactive virtual world adventure.  


Arcona team acknowledges and defines several issues in various sectors that need to be overcome and solved. For instance, Arcona team detects that conventional advertising methods and channels have become old school and nonfunctional, and the sector needs new blood. Therefore, Arcona will overcome the existing challenges in the industry offering an entirely fresh and innovative AR ecosystem where companies will be able to be part of the ingenious virtual world and to promote their businesses in a new arena. Also, Arcona team realizes the absence of user-friendly AR platform and offers a revolutionary AR ecosystem where users enjoy AR utilities and contents securely and smoothly. In fact, not only users of the ecosystem but also AR developers will be able to benefit from the advanced AR platform, because they will develop outdoor AR projects within the Arcona ecosystem where virtual and real contents, markers, and landscapes come together. Moreover, Arcona will alter the current AR understanding and services providing a cross-ecosystem accessible via all types of devices not like any other AR platforms. Therefore, the decentralized Arcona AR platform will transform the AR technology and services supporting innovation and novelty. Besides, Arcona changes the current participant roles in the AR platforms. Now, thanks to the Arcona Ecosystem, not only developers will be able to create AR contents and projects but also any other participant will be able to contribute to the AR world with their various levels of quality products. As you realize, Arcona is coming with game-changing ideas, services, and features thanks to the visionary and talented team members.     

Arcona essentially uses an advanced automated modeling system to create 3D models, figures, object-markers, to detect the location of devices of participants. Also, Arcona promotes the database module to keep the record of any changes and newly-created models making access to the updated version of the ecosystem possible anywhere and any time. For the creation of contents and AR services by the participants, Arcona supports the integrated modeling environment technology, and AR viewer will be the client for mobile devices of the participants for the displaying AR contents within the platform. Users will be able to own Digital Land in the Arcona Ecosystem having the opportunity to reshape and redesign their property. 

Arcona is designing an incredible AR ecosystem that has the potential to be dominant in various sectors like media, advertising, tourism, real estate, education, and many other because both users and developers can find each other within the ecosystem that enables the peer-to-peer interaction. Participants of the platform will be able to alter the virtual multimedia in the specific locations using their devices, and they even will have the opportunity to rent the places around the world to do business. Moreover, Arcona Ecosystem will provide a sophisticated and functional marketplace for various services, Digital Land, assets and AR content, and participants will primarily use Arcona tokens. Furthermore, Arcona promotes and utilizes the blockchain technology and smart contracts while creating the unique Arcona AR Ecosystem supporting the security and transparency. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it will be possible to track and record activities, services, ownership, transactions within the ecosystem ensuring the protection of the copyrights. 

In sum, the sophisticated and distinguished Arcona Ecosystem will provide an excellent service for the further development and advancement of the Augmented Reality and blockchain technology combining the real world and the virtual world in a decentralized environment. Arcona platform will be supported and utilized by the smart contracts, GIS, AR, 3D simulation, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology. Therefore, Arcona will be the global and leading actor shortly in the AR industry thanks to the advanced features and services of the ecosystem.   


Token Sale  

Arcona introduces the Arcona tokens that will be used within the ecosystem for various purposes. Holders of the tokens will be able to purchase AR contents and take advantage of goods and services including digital lands, advertisements, and promotions within the platform. Also, holders of the tokens will be able to be part of the ecosystem having the chance to be a landowner, to develop AR contents and software ensuring copyrights, and to join the various campaigns and loyalty programs within the unique Arcona Ecosystem.   

Join The Arcona Token Sale and Be Part Of The Augmented Reality Revolution.    

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