I've been focusing more on my architectural photography. I've learned that it's not what you take the picture of, rather how you take the picture. Often times, when standing next to a grand building our first instinct is to try and get as much of the building into our camera sensor as possible. This results in a direct, wide-angle type shot. These are good for certain occasions. However you have to ask how your photography can stand out.

I've been getting comfortable getting closer to buildings with my camera. Learning to take on the angles in a non-symmetrical way. It results in a unique, yet eye catching look. I think one of the best things a photographer can do is figure out how they stand apart.

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Nice pictures


Very nice photo, that's what we look for when we have a passion for taking photos, I love seeing the different ways you can make a shot and get the best out of it. You can see that this is what you are trying to convey, and that we should not be satisfied with taking pictures while seeing the essentials, but we can see beyond the obvious.

I love the photo was made and your photoshoot!

I know you love to travel! check out my post


This crazy sculptures from our new times can be amazing and so beautiful. Love this photo. :)