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Super happy to see more posts about bimimetic processes. I work with Bioversum, a biomimicry and circular economy organization developing new solutions using nature-inspired processes. I was actually surprised to see so little here on Steemit about biomimicry.

I find it disappointing that the atria feature is not in active use. It reminds me of what Jason McClennan talked about in his book, "Transformational Thought", when he said that architectural standards for sustainability are not enough because they don't extend into the lifetime of the building. The Living Building challenge was founded by him in order to address this. What is the point of designing something sustainable if you never use it? At that point, it is no longer sustainable and therefore once again becomes part of the problem, instead of the solution it was intended to be.


Yeah, it is disappointing it doesn't get to realize its potential. Most sources tout its sustainability based on the lofty goals of the design without looking into how it actually functions. The green design gives it marketing value more than anything else. You can read the article "Risk Design" by Jonathon Massey at for more information on how it functions in practice, under the 'Climate Change' heading.

Thank you, I will check it out! Have you read the Living Building Challenge. It takes LEED certification and goes a step beyond, taking into consideration how the building interacts with the overall surrounding area. It has a series of performance areas called, Petals, which look at traditional metrics like materials and energy, but also adds health & happiness and beauty as criteria to be met when designing a building, since the building is ultimately for the people and neighborhood it is found in.

Combining Living Building with Biomimicry and other nature-inspired processes like circular design is the future. Living Building has even designed a criteria for the Living Building Community!

I'll take a look, thanks!

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