Regenwasserspiel in Dresden's Kunsthofpassage

in architecture •  5 months ago


after a great weekend in Dresden performing at the Elbhangfest, we finally got a day off to do some exploring. We stumbled upon the Kunsthofpassage, a series of courtyards filled with Ateliers and interesting facades. Among them is the Regenwasserspiel (Rain Water Games), which combines a beautiful array of colors to capture the movement of water. somehow this is a bit reminiscent of the ideology of the famous Catalonian architect Gaudí.

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It reminds me Hundertwasser House in Vienna. With a musical angle. ¨•♫♪˙·٠¨•♫♪˙·٠•

It is really looking interesting mate and you pick the nice picture I think it will be saved the water for daily use.

Woow interesting pic, a think some element s look like musical instruments (trumpete)

¡Wow that beautiful picture!I'd like to meet her.

Gracias por compartir esta imagen, que sistema de desagüe más increíble

Hello. Thank you for your vote.

really Beautiful : thetroublenotes

Beautiful~Fresh refreshing color.

Thank you for your vote 😀

best of best this picture is best

Nice colors of the building! I like it.
Hi, @thetroublenotes! Nice to meet you.

Best regards from me, @city29


WOW...@thetroublenotes ...The light effect is really awesome. I can remember my childhood days...when I had played "Prince of Persia" PC game.LIGHT EFFECT almost matched.

I looking at new house designs nice sir, in which country.

wow what a amazing architecture of this building btw it's Catalonian architecture? but it's look much similar to the Roman architecture.

wooooooo amazing!!

Thank you for your vote.