Lifted in the Hands of God!

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In the central Vietnam, high above the top of mountains, there is golden walkway, which seems to be lifted by gigantic pair of hands. It seems that mountain itself has developed limbs. It is made to attract the tourists and also serves the purpose of connecting cable car station with the gardens.

image source

Mr. Vu Viet, design principal at TA Landscape Architecture told that the purpose of building this unusual architecture was to portray the image of “giant hands of God” pulling the strip of gold from the land.

image source

This bridge opened for tourism on June 2018. Since this period, it has attracted score of tourists, who are eager to see this novel piece of architecture. This walkway attracted over 2.7 million visitors last year. This walkway is located around 3,280 feet above sea level. It offers tourists uninterrupted view of grand landscape below it. It extends over the teatops from the edge of leafy cliff.

The Golden Bridge is visited by both local and international visitors. It seems that a walkway is created in the sky among the foggy lands of Ba Na mountain.

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