Red roofs in Dubrovnik ~ Rote Dächer in Dubrovnik

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Walking through the narrow streets of the surrounding walls of Dubrovnik, you can see how well thought-out and homogeneous the city's architecture is. All houses have red tiles and the facades are made of light brown stones. Even the pavement stones are the same as on the walls. So that everything looks very harmonious and picturesque, like a gallery with an open roof.
Wenn du durch die engen Gassen der umliegenden Stadtmauern von Dubrovnik gehst, kannst du sehen, wie schön durchdacht und homogen die Architektur der Stadt ist. Alle Häuser haben rote Kacheln und die Fassaden sind aus hellbraunen Steinen. Sogar die Steine der Gehwege sind die gleichen wie an den Wänden. Damit alles sehr harmonisch und malerisch aussieht, wie eine Galerie mit offenem Dach.






See You Soon!
Bis Bald !

Content and all photos by @kam.ila (LeicaCamera)


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Dein Gesicht und deine Mütze sind ja auch ganz rot (na ja, eher rosa)! Kommt das von der Reflexion der roten Ziegel? Egal, sehr schöne Bilder aus einer sehenswerten Stadt erfreuen mich an diesem Abend.
Viel Spaß noch und eine gute Zeit dort!

Guten Morgen! Ich freue mich immer auf einen neuen Kommentar von @freiheit50 und über deine Aufmerksamkeit ☝️😅. Dieses Licht ist wahrscheinlich eine Reflexion von rotem Licht von Heizkörpern, die sehr gemütluch werme spenden.

this looks very natural, the cat alone late at night and the beautiful view is really fascinating

This cat attracts my attention and I couldn't pass indifferently without taking a picture. 🐈

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this looks extremely regular, the feline alone late around evening time and the wonderful view is extremely captivating.

Thank you. You put this into words perfectly well. Exactly how it is in Dubrovnik, as you wrote here.

ma'am your pictures was looking just awesome :)
its superb looking to see you ma'am.
your content was great, i like it and i would to say you thanks for share such a nice photos to your. good luck and well done ma'am!

Thank You tetas08 😁

you looks so pretty mam.... & photography are great as well...👍

I am happy to hear that 😎

it's my pleasure mam that you like it 😊

Looking very nice dear @kam.ila amazing photographs its very wonderful to see :)

Awesome photography my dear friend

the roof part is really amazing there and the last shot is stunning dear :)

this looks very natural, the cat alone late at night and the wonderful view is really fascinating.

Wow excellent travel experience and great photography
Thanks @kam.ila
Have a great day

amazing red roofs the shining part of it was more interesting and the monuments are interesting too so beautiful

Sieht mir noch ein wenig zu kalt für einen Besuch aus. 😹

Beautiful to see this dear so wonderful what a lovely place your clicks are stunning too

the cat alone in the middle of the street was so nice to see interesting shots

you altime give good post

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Nice and amazing pictures its so good to see so nice to see looks great time to enjoy there

such a natural and charming place the sea alongside is making this place the best in the world

Exploring Dubrovnik was fun this is totally epic to see great photographs

the roofs are indeed the best and it looks excellent nice to look at those thanks for sharing

yup i saw them in your earlier post and the roofs were outstanding to watch this is main awesome thing of this place :)