My other job... a view not a window

in architecture •  2 years ago

Hi steemians!

Today an article about my second (or is it 3rd 🤔) job...
As some of you may know, i work as an allround marketing - it - human resources -.... at the company of my parents in law.

We are a family business, founded almost 30 years ago, and basically our line of business is glass, steel and alluminium.

Not just your typical kind of glass but more the architectural type... our core business these days is Sky-Frame! Frameless sliding doors and windows with endless possibilities... picture yourself an amazing huge window... but without those large profiles...
that's where the slogan comes from, a view, not a window...

I will spare you the technical specifics of these amazing windows for now... and let me just show you one of our last amazing projects, a loft in the city of antwerp by AMD Architects, for a famous belgian actor, and sorry, can't name names...

Feel free to ask me some more questions about sky-frame!











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Nice pictures sis! 🤓📷


My brother 🤗 Keep an eye on him!! Will be full on steem soon!

WoW! What a spectacular life @glowbeauty ! Amazing !! You are so fortunate , enjoy



Thanks lanceman! It's not always that glamorous though! Combining 3 jobs is sometimes freaking hard to do, but so fortunate to see and be part of these things along the way! Stay tuned! I'll post some more of our amazing projects!!

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